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Slim Fast Recall is good for Consumers who want Natural Weight Loss

Posted Jan 28 2010 11:47am
For consumers who seek natural weight loss, the recent Slim Fast recall is an opportunity to begin healthier, new strategies.
On December 2nd, 2009, Slim Fast manufacturer Unilever notified the FDA of possible contamination; and a complete recall was issued. These products run the risk of being contaminated with a micro-organism called Bacillus cereus that causes flu-like symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The good news is that natural weight loss products actually have numerous advantages over the sugary and highly processed diet drinks offered under labels like Slim Fast. One of the most important factors is that they are often made with whole foods and are therefore more easily digested. This means that more of the vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients are being put to their proper use. Instead of just curbing hunger, naturally healthy diet drinks nourish the body at a much higher level.

The variety of natural weight loss products is also a bonus for many consumers. Because there are so many ingredients to choose from in nature, the combinations are nearly limitless. Some healthy diet drinks include natural, whole food ingredients for the antioxidants they posses. There’s certainly something to be said for a diet drink that not only helps you lose weight but also has potential cancer fighting attributes.

Eating healthy natural foods should always be considered before consuming sugary meal replacement products. For those who need quick, on-the-go foods, there are pre-packaged options that utilize the concept of whole foods, in addition to promoting natural weight loss.
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