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Slim and Scrumptious More Than 75 Delicious Healthy Meals Your Family Will Love

Posted Jul 08 2010 9:47pm

Slim and Scrumptious More Than 75 Delicious Healthy Meals Your Family Will Love

How would you like to eat rich, flavorful, healthy food at home and not worry about calories?

Today show nutritionist Joy Bauer has helped millions of people improve their health, and now she wants to improve their home-cooked meals as well. Tired of the misconception that you have to dine out to eat delicious food, Joy proves in Slim and Scrumptious that not only can you eat fresh, rich, and filling food, but that it is quick, affordable, and easy, too!

Slim and Scrumptious features more than seventy-five recipes for every meal and every taste. Whether you want Double Chocolate Pancakes or Eggs Benedict for breakfast, Sesame Chicken Tenders or Spicy Pork Tacos with Sassy Slaw for lunch, or Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak with Chimichurri and Creamy Spinach for dinner, Joy shows you that classic, rich food can still be made to taste great with just a fraction of the fat and calories. She also includes fun snacks, desserts, and appetizers that will keep you satisfied all day long, such as Cinnamon Cheesecake Fondue, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Banana Pecan Bread.

With every recipe, Joy helps you stretch your food and cooking dollars for everything from a fast and easy family meal to a relaxing and romantic dinner for two. These meals are so amazingly delicious, no one (but the chef!) will ever know that they’re healthy, too.

4 Stars More adult- friendly flavors
I’ve tried many of the recipes in this book. My kids are not so picky eaters and were willing to try the things made from this book but, weren’t crazy about any of them. However, my husband and I really enjoyed them. The Chicken Lettuce wraps are outstanding. My husband has raved over them to everyone. Preparation is extremely labor intensive though. Lots of chopping.

The Crispy Kale was surprisingly addictive! I couldn’t stop eating it. One of my 3 year olds like it too. My husband couldn’t get past the smell of it.

Overall, we’re having fun trying these recipes and know we’re eating healthier in the process. We’re also incorporating foods into our diets we probably otherwise wouldn’t.

5 Stars Healthy food that is flavorful!!
I have purchased more cookbooks then I care to think about. I am constantly searching the web for new ideas. I think I am done buying any more cookbooks AND searching the web because this book is AWESOME!!!!!!! Everything I have cooked so far has been a hit. The recipes are so straight forward and all of the instructions are precise and well thought out. I love how she’ll explain that while something is cooking you can start chopping the veggies (or something like that) and her times are perfect! The food has been so flavorful without being overpowering. I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone…you don’t need to be watching what you’re eating because again, this is one healthy cookbook that didn’t forget that people like their food with flavor!!!

5 Stars Spot On

It’s hard to find a cookbook that you actually use so often that it looks old after two weeks. I have always enjoyed cooking nutrient dense foods, but few cookbooks address both the “yummy” when their sole focus is on weight loss. Although I am lean, it is horrible being a guest at someone’s house for dinner when they serve white bread, white pasta or any meal that compromises my health: I would eat everything on their table if I were served the recipes offered in this book. I am very health conscious and refuse to eat foods that are unhealthy. Since I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and need to stay lean and mean, there is no better cookbook to date, which addresses the need for high fiber, nutrient dense, delicious meals while offering practical advice such as bringing out the taste without the salt, using fiber for prolonged energy or using indoor herbs year round to cut costs and up the taste bud factor at the same time.

I am not one for having to go out shopping for ingredients I have never heard of, nor do I have the patience for cookbooks which reek of processed foods and mounds of butter. This book has beautiful illustrations and a smart outlook on living healthy, living happily and above all – practical meals that are easy to prepare.

With this book, Joy Bauer not only addresses le joie de vivre with food, but also the rising epidemic of obesity in our nation. This is a must for every household. Children need to loved with nourishing foods, not greasy comfort foods. My favorites to date? AJ’S Mac-n-Cheezy because even my picky daughter loves it too! 2. Mediterranean Meatloaf (love the idea of using spinach and zucchini) because it is flavorful without having to use salt in excess 3. Banana Pecan Bread (the idea of roasting nuts has taken on new dimensions in my household) and 4. Asian Noodle Soup: I had always enjoyed this soup but never thought of using thin, whole wheat spaghetti so that I could make it myself.

This is the best book that has happened to me since I can remember.

Elizabeth Wald

Port Chester, NY

5 Stars Unbelievably good and healthy recipes!!
HUGE thank you to Joy Bauer for this amazing book!!

I have tried many of the recipes and they are all so yummy, it’s hard to believe how healthy they actually are.

I was skeptical at some (really, no olive oil in hummus?) but OMG, I am a believer now!!

Some of my favorites: double chocolate pancakes, cream of broccoli soup, ratatouille lentil stew, sesame chicken tenders, lemon-dill salmon cakes, slim-style hummus and buttermilk ranch dip.

This would make a GREAT Mother’s day gift ;-)

4 Stars Great Low Calorie adaptations of our favorite recipes
I’m always skeptical about claims for updated recipes that are delicious, nutritious, and are recocognizable from tried and true recipes from every day living, as well as “special” occasions. This book has it all, with great photos and easy to follow recipes.

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