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Skip the Bottled Water

Posted by Stephanie B.

I remember when bottled water was new and a big, who on earth would want to pay for water when you can just get it from the tap? Yet now bottled water has become so "de rigeur" that we have the mistaken impression that basic tap water is somehow really bad for you.

Well, bottled water is horrible for the environment. First you have to package the water in these awful plastic waters, and then you have to pollute to ship the water across state lines. It's an environmental nightmare.

Many cities are now discouraging bottled water use.

For more information:

Bottled Water Backlash Brews in Cities

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I used to be a little embarrassed when people came over and asked for water and all I had to offer was tap. (The look on some people's faces was enough to make it seem like I was offering them stale cat urine!) Now I do it unapologetically, always with the proviso that "bottled water" is bad for the environment and 9 out of 10 times, is just fancily packaged filtered tap water. I also have the greatest water bottle (from REI) that I carry around everywhere. Tres stylish!
Hey, Yea! Let's get bottled water off the planet, except for lifeboats and emergency supplies. We quit buying bottled water at our home last (or two) New Year's ago. Susie C.

Having a britta is an inexpensive way to have good quality tap water. It really does make a massive difference to the taste!

I can't see that having water in a plastic bottle can really be healthy at all since plastic is toxic!

Learn the truth about bottled water quality at
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