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Simplifying Gluten-Free Diets with Meal Planning Software

Posted Jun 25 2012 2:16pm

Are you, or is your family, on a gluten free diet? If you are gluten intolerant then you’ve certainly experienced some challenges with understanding the many dietary restrictions. But, what if you could make the entire transition a painless process? Today, there is innovative meal planning software that is intelligent enough to help nearly any individual or family better manage their meal planning – and this solution includes gluten-free meal choices! Meal planning not only ensures that you get balanced and nutritious gluten-free meals all the time, you also save money from dining out or buying commercially prepared gluten-free meals.

Challenges of a gluten-free diet

A gluten-free diet can be very restrictive - no wheat, no barley, no rye. What makes a gluten-free diet extra challenging is that gluten is found in so many prepared food products. It’s tricky business, because many food manufacturers may still use gluten-containing ingredients for items labeled as innocuously, “natural flavorings.” Preparing meals yourself, and buying only from certified manufacturers, is the best way you can ensure there’s no hidden gluten in your food.

Gluten-free meal planning made easy

A gluten-free diet may restrict your food choices, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll not find a wide range of delicious gluten-free foods to try. MealEasy has created software that makes family meals healthier and more affordable. One-click meal plans provide hundreds of recipes in minutes. With over 800 gluten-free recipes to choose from, you won’t get bored easily. All recipes included in the MealEasy meal planning software are chef-tested. They are easy, delicious, and you will be thoroughly inspired to cook more often at home.

MealEasy meal plans

Eating nutritional foods is essential for people on a gluten-free diet in order for them to maintain optimal health. Since they have to exclude certain foods, their healthy meal plans should include alternative sources of certain nutrients. With MealEasy’s healthy meal plans, you can ensure that you meet the daily nutritional and caloric requirements of your body. Every featured recipe is designed and tested by professional nutritionist for their balance and overall value. The nutritional information is conveniently displayed on-screen – that means no more guesswork when considering your health. MealEasy’s online meal planning software also helps you avoid ingredients containing gluten – or any other ingredients you need to avoid. Once your weekly meal plan is ready, simply request your shopping list. You will then receive a printable copy of food items you need to purchase for the week.

In addition to gluten-free meal plans, MealEasy offers balanced, diabetic, vegetarian, and heart healthy meal plans. Need help managing multiple diets in your family? Go to to learn how you can simplify meal planning with their delicious and affordable healthy meal plans.

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