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Simple works!

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:12am
Sometimes simple is best.
Went in to workout this morning and the only plan I really had was to give my back a nice workout. So after warming up, took a medicine ball and found a cable machine. Attached a rope, put cable about chest height and while sitting on the ball, pulled and contracted my lats with various weights. Then I did some pull ups. Then some chin ups. That was all. Pulled for about 20 minutes. I have no clue as to what weights I used or how many reps and sets I did. I just did it, until it "felt right"

So same with breakfast, not a lot of time and kept it real simple.
The first picture is my girlfriends breakfast. She took it while I was working out. As she was very excited about what she made ;-)
Kimchee with 2 fried eggs, cherry tomatoes and scallions.

My picture speaks for itself, the only ingredient not shown that I used, is butter. (I used approx half the can of salmon. which is about 3-4 ounces. One small starfruit as dessert.
Last but not least..........make sure you smile today ;-)

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