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Siggi’s and a Turkey Sandwich

Posted Nov 08 2010 12:00am

I had the most leisurely morning I think I’ve had in a few months. I read blogs, I did all the personal maintenance things us girls need to do to stay pretty like shaving legs, facials and cuticle treatments.

Because I such a relaxing morning I didn’t feel like preparing lunch so I decided I’d stop at Whole Foods on the way to campus, and boy did I pick the perfect time. Upon pulling into my parking spot I had intense hunger pangs in my stomach.

After perusing the usual places; fruit, hot bar, salad bar, premade sandwiches and most importantly the yogurt wall. I should tell you, I LOVE the yogurt wall at Whole Foods! So many choices. Greek, normal, tofu or soy, fruit or flavored. It’s a yogurt connoisseur’s dream. I chose two things I’d never had before.

First. Siggi’s Yogurt.


I see this Icelandic yogurt every time I’m in Whole Foods and I always start to lean towards it and abort back to the usuals; Chobani or Oikos. But today the vanilla was on sale, which convinced my frugal mind to commit.


I’m so happy I did. Siggi’s is so thick and creamy, every Greek Yogurt obsessed foodie will love Siggi’s. I’d almost promise.


I love seeing the dark pieces of vanilla beans scattered through the cup. I’m enjoying this yogurt so much I’m eating it super duper slow to savor every bite. I’m such a yogurt nerd ;-) .

Second. I chose a Smoked Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat with Dijon mustard.


I really like eating thick cut turkey in the fall and early winter because it feels like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


This was a super simple yet crazy delicious sandwich. It had crisp dark-green romaine lettuce leaves, mayo, dijon mustard, thick cut turkey breast and juicy slices of tomato. Sometimes simple sandwiches hit the spot so good!


This sandwich was a little pricy for it being something easily created at home. But I’m glad I chose it. Today I took some TLC in the life department and not prepping lunch was part of that. I ate and enjoyed every bite of this sandwich. I’m still workin’ on the Siggi’s :-D .

I’m on my way up to campus. Hopefully no parking ticket today. It’s like a gamble every Monday and Wednesday… eek. Maybe I should just break out the hundred bucks and buy the parking permit?!

Does turkey taste better to you in fall?

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