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Should i still go on a raw food diet if i only have access to non organic foods

Posted by mlakarneil

since a raw food diet requires you to eat mass amounts of fruits and vegtables, will the pesticides and harmful effects of non-organic fruits and vegetables be excessivly detremental to my body
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I would not.

So many pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used in other countries that now ship worldwide. Yoiu would be ingesting all of these in fairly large, unadulterated quantities. Seems risky!

Although it is ideal to eat organic foods on a raw vegan diet, it is better to be raw vegan than not to be raw vegan, i.e., if you cannot get organic vegetables for whatever reason (availability or finances), you can still be raw vegan. A lot more people do it than admit it.  You just must be sure to carefully wash and peel everything.

I think that it would be much more beneficial to be raw than not to be raw.


If you can't get organic, try to at least buy local grown produce and for certain things you can cut the skin off to avoid some pesticide/chemical residue.  


If you are eating a low fat raw food diet, you will find things easier to digest than you would on a cooked diet and thus your body will have more energy to release those toxins you may consume through eating the non organic fruits and vegetables.


I would also look into growing your own.  Things like lettuce and spinach are easy to grow.  You could start off with a few things and expand. Otherwise local markets are useful, which may leave you open to being able to get some organic at the least.

I happen to know that conventional meat contains an abundance of pesticides and other hazardous substance much like the vegetables and fruits grown in conventional practice. the animals we eat also eat diets full of grians and other products such as corn and soy that are saturated with harmful pesticides unfit for sale to humans. It's something to think about. 
You might consider to substitute with some cooked organic grain.  This will still allow you to keep a plant-based diet.  For the fresh produce, chose fruits and veggies that are in season and locally produced: they contain less conservation agents. Of course, wash and peel, and if you're afraid of bacterial contamination, add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to the water in which you wash your veggies.  Consider a quick stir-fry as well.

Organic foods are better than conventional, but there are healthy foods far beyond "organic" in nutritional value.  Investigate concentrated natural whole foods that are so nutrient dense you would have to eat a pile of fruits and vegetables to equal the same level of benefits for the body.

It's a concentration of phytonutrients and bioflavonoids fronm plants that makes these formulas so effective for satisfying hunger, eliminating cravings, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

You'll find that they can really take a healthy lifestyle to a higher level, quickly, without the hassle and time consumed by preparing all those raw foods.  Often, these concentrated whole food formulas contain the same kinds of live enzymes that raw foodists seek in their diet.  So, this more modern approach makes a raw lifestyle much easier.

Search online for concentrated natural whole foods

If you fast regulary to purge toxins I think this is the best way. I eat non organic quite often but I fast and flush my system every 2 weeks.  I would love to grow my own buy all organic etc. but I live in the desert. I can get excellent greens but unsure of their  treatment.  I wouldnt give up raw for anything. Does cooking pesticides and fertilisers make them less toxic? I dont think so. You just have less nutritition to maintain strong immunity. Regular fasts purge all toxins.
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