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Should I Drink Fruit Juice?

Posted Mar 06 2010 7:23am

Only juice that says "100% Fruit Juice" is considered healthy and an 8 ounce glass is considered a serving of fruit. There have been recent studies that show children who drink 100% fruit juice instead of soda or fruit "drinks" weigh less. However, one glass contains about 30g sugar!

You would probably be better off having a piece of fruit that contains a satisfying crunch and some bowel friendly fiber. That fiber from real fruit contains the beneficial antioxidants. Although, there are some fruits that are better in juice form such as pomegranates and acai berries because it is the pulp that is beneficial. But, those powerful berries are a story for another day...

So, for now, just remember to choose 100% juice if you must drink some (or for your kids), and a tip to cut down on the sugar: dilute the juice with ice and water.
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