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Shop Once, Eat for a Week

Posted by AregM

You might not use the terms "pizza box" and "serving dish" interchangeably, but if you're like most guys, you probably could. That's because 64 percent of men spend little or no time preparing their meals. Their excuse? Time and money constraints. Unfortunately — and perhaps not coincidentally — that number parallels the 64 percent who are overweight. It's no wonder: The inexpensive, time-saving foods that guys choose most often are also the ones that are the highest in sugar, fat, and calories, according to a recent study from the University of Washington. Thankfully, we have a culinary solution that'll perfectly fit your budget, schedule, and diet. The plan: Set aside 20 minutes on Sunday to fulfill our 16-item shopping list, then forget about your wallet — and collection of takeout menus — for the rest of the workweek. By following our 5-day menu, you'll have the precise number of ingredients to create 10 fast, flavorful meals, all of which are designed to help you build muscle and melt fat while saving you money. (The average price of 10 meals eaten out: $85; the total price of our meals: $47.96.) Each night, you'll simply prepare a quick and easy dinner, and then creatively use the leftovers to assemble the next day's lunch. Call it the mixologist's guide to eating. The best part? While the other guys are stuck on hold in drive-thrus, you'll be rolling through the express line with your next 10 meals in tow. THE GROCERY LIST A balance of protein-packed meats, fresh produce, and a few versatile extras is all you need to feed yourself well week after week. Frozen Shrimp1 lb uncooked, medium size Rotisserie Chicken 1 cooked Pork Tenderloin1 herb-flavored or lemon-garlic marinated (about 3/4 lb) Bell Peppers1 tray tricolor (or pick out 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 orange) Yellow Onions2 lb Baby Mixed Greens 4 oz bag, washed Portobello Mushrooms 2 large caps Asparagus 1 bunch Garlic 1 head Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto 8 oz jar Avocado 1 ripe Mozzarella8 oz bag, shredded Instant Brown Rice 1 lb box Black Beans 12 oz can 100% Whole-Wheat Fettuccine 16 oz box 10" 100%Whole-Wheat Tortillas1 package THE PANTRY LIST Buy these crucial building blocks every couple of months and you'll always have them on hand to construct meals around the clock. Reduced-fat mayonnaise Dijon mustard Low-sodium soy sauce Peanut butter Extra-virgin olive oil Balsamic vinegar Parmesan cheese Salsa Tabasco or other hot sauce ....Continued on;_ylt=AuvfbT3xClO87Ag1LKz_2xCz5xcB
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