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Shock and Aww

Posted Oct 04 2010 7:54pm

I hope you are all having a happy Monday. Mine is sort of happy, aside for the four crazy-long dense articles I have to read before class and the concept of a one hour and forty-five minute lecture in my imminent future, but other than that all good! This is my life right now, ankle- sad and cranky (I think the foggy weather is hurting it, darn atmospheric pressure) and people’s research to expand my mind! Gross!


I’m completely upset about the Marie Clare article plaguing the healthy living blog community. It’s making me question so many things. I don’t want people reading my blog to think that I’m eating too little or am unhealthy (which I do not think any of the bloggers featured in the article are!). If anything I’ve become more healthy through blogging.

First I want to disclaim: I am eating lighter right now than normal. I’m eating between 1300 and 1500 calories a day. But I’m completely sedentary except from walking distances shorter than 100 yards a few times a day. Mainly getting from my sofa to my bathroom, or the car to my classroom.

I would have to say in response to Marie Clare, YES, I am obsessed with food. But I’m obsessed in a good way. I love food, cooking, flavors, and trying new things. I’m not negatively obsessed. Why don’t you examine people who keep food diaries on their cell phones or in notebooks they take everywhere with them? Why must you only focus on bloggers?

I think every person on a healthy living or weight loss journey (lets face it usually these two life styles end up going hand in hand or one making way for the other) goes through a period (or periods) of taking things a little to far. It’s a slippery slope when restricting calories and working out. You see great results and push just a little bit further. The important thing is that you recognize and learn how to make better choices. That’s what my blog and all the ones I read are about. I’m learning how to be the best Maren (Happy, Healthy and Passionate about Food) as I can be. Sometimes I make bad choices but I try to learn how to make better ones next time.

I do set goals for myself like to limit snacking or to workout so many miles a week but these are healthy things. How is this different from joining a gym and signing up for group classes every other morning or joining a weight loss group like Weight Watchers? I do believe in health and part of being healthy is eating the right kinds of foods, eating the right amounts of said foods and splurging when you need it for your soul.

I am Maren and I’m a food blogger, this is MY healthy journey.


Okay I’m done, perhaps we should talk about some food to make everything a little happier. We are food lovers after all ;-) . Can’t talk about the fitness since my little walk from the car to my seat hardly broke a sweat or is anything commendable.

I washed my new fish bowl by hand this morning so that I could have cereal in it!


Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy. Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy. My blue fish fed me some Kashi Autumn Wheat in real down home (from a cow) milk. Sometimes you just need to do cereal as God intended, with cow’s milk.


Yes I will write down my calories (so kill me!).

Kashi Autumn Wheat: 180 | 1/2 cup 1% milk: 50 | Coffee: ~50

I also enjoyed some coffee with milk and cinnamon, cinnamon makes coffee taste like fall and I like it :mrgreen:

I was running late at 8:20 to get to campus so I didn’t have time to pack lunch. Luckily my meeting wasn’t at 10 but 10:30 so I had some time to hit up the Safeway Market and get some tasty eats.


I fell in love with this little salad this summer, also while running late from work to get to class. Déjà vu?!


I think things served in layer form make me excited and happy. This salad has a hefty layer of baby spinach, a couscous peanut and tomato salad, shredded carrots and an Asian rice noodle layer. It also comes with a spicy peanut dressing.

I also had my daily dose of Greek Yogurt in the Non Fat Chobani: raspberry style.


This was a nice change of pace. Now I can have a different snack this afternoon when I get home. In my opinion you can never get completely tired of Greek Yogurt but you can get tired of same-old samd-old and need to change it up.

Spicy Noodle Salad: 210 | Chobani Greek Yogurt: 140

Yes this was a pretty light lunch but I’ll have a splurgey snack after class.

I’ll see ya’ll for dinner after my lecture is over :-? , I have class in an hour!

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