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Sharp R 305KS 1 Cubic Foot 1100 Watt Microwave Oven Stainless

Posted Aug 17 2010 6:04pm

Sharp R 305KS 1 Cubic Foot 1100 Watt Microwave Oven Stainless

This microwave may be mid-sized but that doesn’t stop it from being a cooking powerhouse. 6 cook options, 6 reheat options, and 4 defrost options make it a real performer for today’s busy lifestyles.

1 Star Two Returns — Poor Quality Control
The first one I ordered had a dented top. Returned to Amazon with no problem and another one ordered. Second one had a scratch on front panel. This too was returned to Amazon with no problem. I gave up on the Sharp and purchased a GE.

1 Star Produxt Deficiency
My old sharp performed perfectly for years, but the computer module finally failed.

The R-305KS Amazon shipped me won’t let me enter cook time. It says “FOOD” but the number pad won’t work, and zero won’t emter.

Amazon’s service is excellent. I ordered a replacement unit yestedsy.

UPS will pick up the unit today, and my replacement unit should arrive next Monday

(Today is Thursday.)

Sharp’s quality control is deficient. I hope the replacement works OK, but if not I’ll request a refund and select a different brand from Amazon.

2 Stars price
I found better priced microwave in other stores after I bought this one.The motor of the microwave is very noisy. I am not happy with this purchase at all.Thanks

2 Stars Had higher expectations
We bought the Sharp R-305KS microwave in April 2009 for $139 here at Amazon. Since other reviewers had warned that the plastic on the front number panel would quickly wear off, we weren’t surprised when ours did so only three months in. While it worked, we were impressed with the heating power (though we never got beyond using ‘high’ and the timer as all the other controls are not intuitive). Every month or so we found that it wouldn’t heat, but then we’d try it again later and things would be okay.

This past weekend when we tried using it, the interior light turned on and the carousel rotated, but there was (as others here have described) a louder than usual noise and the microwave didn’t heat anything. Have tried it several times since and gotten the same response. We are six weeks beyond the warranty, so suspect we will be junking it (I know there is also an additional warranty period on the magnetron tube part, but that does not include labor or the cost of getting the microwave to and from the service center — assuming that is indeed the problem).

Our first giant GE microwave lasted 14 years. Our second oven, a tiny Sharp Half Pint, lasted 8 years. This one, presumably a step up from the Half Pint in size, power and cost, lasted 14 months. If I’d known that these things were no longer built to last, I would have factored that into determining my price point – and spent less than $139 on it. I had higher expecations and feel let down by Sharp. I’m reluctantly giving this product two stars and not one because, well, it was nice while it lasted — it just should have lasted longer.

1 Star sharp R 305ks microwave
I have always bought sharp microwaves which have been reliable.

This one is not. After 4 months of use, it stops working. It doesn’t shut off the power strip. It just stops after less than a minute of being on. It started gradually and now is consistent.

In addition, it sounds tinny when I close the door.

Very bad.


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