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Shame on Reporters Critical of Cookie Monster's New Moderate Habits

Posted Dec 19 2008 12:13am

Back in 1998, I adored cookies, especially chocolate chip. But even before I started saying no to cookies, candies, and cake (on doctor’s orders) for the sake of my health, I never condemned others, especially beloved fictional creatures, for shunning cookies—especially in an article that thousands would read.

So I’m simply appalled that certain fellow journalists have been griping that "Sesame Street’s” beloved large-mouthed, goggly-eyed “Cookie Monster”—who used to devour cookies by the plateful—is becoming a nutrition-savvy creature who eats fewer and fewer cookies.

That’s right, some reporters and columnists—even from three publications to which I’ve either previously contributed or served on staff—have been finding fault with the fact that the endearing, grinning, blue critter now joyfully sings, "Me eat less cookies! Me eat less cookies!"

Ah come on, given our climate of runaway obesity and related diseases, how can it be a bad thing that the blue furry furrball—whose purpose is to entertain and educate our nation's young kids—is learning restraint and cutting down on cookies?

In case you're baffled (as I am) why some would view it "blasphemous" for the Cookie Monster to change his cookie-chomping habits, let me bring you up to date.

After "Sesame Street's" 36th season kicked off April 4 on PBS Kids, some writers blasted the blue creature's new, positive food habits, as theWashington Post explains it.

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