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setting an example

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:52pm
I have said it before, I will say it again-- I believe you are a better mother/wife/friend when you take the time to set a healthy example for the people you love. With childhood obesity skyrocketing, Videogames and TV being the main way to "entertain" a child, etc. I am seriously worried for my kids- I always felt like the fat kid growing up- but compared to the kids I see now days I didn't hold a candle to them. I want my kids growing up seeing a mother who takes good care of herself and sets a good example of a healthy lifestyle. By taking care of yourself not only are you setting a good example, but you are guaranteeing you will be in your loved ones life longer, and an active participant. Being overweight and unable to do things you would like to with your family is taking time away from a fullfilling life. I refuse to feel bad if I work out at home and am not playing with my baby for a half hour, he is seeing that exercise is an important of each day and I am setting a good example for him. Of course I make sure he is fed and content reading or playing safely by, but I am ok taking a break for myself, expecially because in the long run I know its for him. Get your kids outside, play games together... live an active life. Just some thoughts I had that I wanted to share. .. Take care of yourselves and let your kids know how important it is to you. I thought this was pretty funny after I was done working out a few mornings ago my baby jumped on the wii fit board- see he already wants to learn ;)

P.S. Speaking of wiifit- if you use one, check out this awesome site-

How do you set good examples for your loved ones??

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