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Sensational Stir Fry: A Twist on the Original

Posted Jan 31 2011 12:55am
Sensational Stir-Fry 

Perhaps it was the smell of stir-fry in my house the night before that made me crave the dish this week, or perhaps it was just a hankering for something different! Either way, one motivation or another led me to create a new dish by accident actually, but that turned out to be one of the best yet!
This meal is so easy and can easily be doubled, tripled, etc. for more people. I didn't use traditional teriyaki and soy sauce because they are very high in sodium and I try to avoid too much processed salt, but again, please do so feel free to add the lower-sodium versions of these since they are quite tasty. I simply used olive oil, seasonings and let the flavor of the foods enhance the dish. 
If you're interested, this recipe is gluten-free, contains lots of healthy fats and protein, and four servings of veggies in one meal! It's also fairly easy, quick and simple. Be sure to check out the optionals  at the end for some yummy alternative flavors and ingredients. 

Sensational Stir Fry
 * 1 cup wild rice (  I like instant wild rice, which is slightly higher than wild rice blends, but is better because the wild rice is so flavorful and hearty tasting)
* 1 piece of wild Atlantic salmon, thawed   or 15 pieces of medium deveined and peeled cooked shrimp, thawed

*2 tsp. extra virgin olive oil ( preferably cold pressed if you can find it, its better tasting and better quality)* 1/2 a medium sized onion, peeled* 6 spears of asparagus ( I used frozen asparagus for ease of use and for budget purposes)*1/2 cup frozen green peas* 2 tsp. black pepper*2 tsp. lemon pepper seasoning ( salt-free by McCormick is very good or Ms. Dash)* 1 tsp. sagedash of sea salt
*Optional Garnishes- chopped celery, herbs, onions, cherry tomatoes, peppers ( 1/4 cup of one or mixture)
DIRECTIONS:1. In a small sauteing pan, heat 1 tsp. olive oil on medium high heat and add the salmon and/or shrimp to the pan. Season with 1 tsp. each of the pepper and lemon pepper seasoning. 
2.Saute  for 5 minutes and then add the onion, celery and asparagus. Saute all of the ingredients and add 1 more tsp. olive oil. 
3. Cook until the salmon flakes apart and becomes browned on the exterior and completely done in the middle. If you are preparing the shrimp, then be sure to saute about 5 minutes, just until browned. DO NOT BURN:) You may have to add a little water since olive oil doesn't cook at high heats like coconut oil or canola does. I like using both of those oils too.
3. Meanwhile, as the salmon or shrimp is cooking, boil 1/2 cup of water  on high and add the remaining seasonings. Stir in the wild rice and let it boil. Once it starts to boil ( about 2 minutes ), then put the lid on and cut down to low heat just to simmer.
4. As the rice is cooking, add the peas in and stir once. Put the lid back on and let the mixture sit on low heat for 2 minutes.
5. Remove the wild rice from the pot, and add to a bowl. Stir in the salmon and veggies and add additional seasonings. Alternatively, try one of the following combinations instead of the traditional stir-fry combinations that I used.
Alternative Flavors to include in stir-fry:
1. pepper and garlic2. paprika and chili powder3. pepper and sea salt4. cinnamon and ginger ( for a sweeter stir-fry)5. ginger and turmeric ( for an ethnic version that is delicious)6. lemon and ginger ( has an earthy taste)
6. Add in fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley for extra taste and enhanced nutrients! Or, you may add in mushrooms, fresh garlic or ginger, broccoli and cauliflower, or red or green bell peppers!
I wanted something different so I opted for this instead! Additionally, I wanted to add one more twist, so I tossed in some slivered almonds last minute. It was delicious!
~ I served my stir-fry with a side salad and baked potato cooked my favorite way.

 Email me with your stir fry ideas or comment here on the post! Have a wonderful weekend and keep cooking!:)
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT and sweet comments!

*This meal is rich in healthy Omega 3 fats which are found in fish and other heart healthy fats in olive oil. You're also giving your body a dose of Vitamin A, found in sweet potatoes, fiber found in wild rice, veggies and potatoes and a host of antioxidants found in herbs used in this recipe. Either way, i's tasty, healthy and great for a weeknight meal! Dig in:) 

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