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Second Thoughts on Crossfit

Posted Jun 26 2012 10:27am 2 Comments

Some of you may have read my Healthista Samples: Crossfit post from a couple weeks ago. Even though I generally liked it, I complained a little bit about the disorganization and the form they teach for some of the moves (it seemed different from what I’ve always been taught). I hadn’t fully fallen in love with it — yet.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’ve been doing Crossfit about 3 times a week. I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty smitten, and I have a few more thoughts I want to share.

First, I should admit, I’m a little bit addicted. It’s just so rewarding just to make it through a Crossfit workout. Even though I’m not to the point where I can speed up or add weight to any of my workouts just yet, the workouts themselves are tough enough that you feel good about just making it through, regardless of how many modifications you have to make. You do things you never thought your body was capable of.

Even though you’re really only competing with yourself, the group setting and timed workouts are motivating. Looking around at the other people in your class really pushing themselves and fighting their minds — which are inevitably telling them they should stop ASAP — is really motivating. Seeing other people do their best makes you want to do your best.

I think what I love most about Crossfit is that it’s a way to have some control over your body.There are so many ways we don’t have control over our bodies. Even though I’m relatively young, I can already tell that my body is changing from the way it was in high school or college. Sometimes, the changes are things I have zero control over. Crossfit gives me that sovereignty over my own body back, and I feel like that gives me more confidence and strength.

Finally, the focus on non-scale/weight achievements is awesome.Crossfit doesn’t care how much you weigh or what you look like — it cares what you can DO. Sure, one pleasant side effect of Crossfit for many people is weight loss and more muscle tone. But that’s certainly not the primary objective. The main goal of any Crossfitter, as I’d hope they’d tell you, is to really push themselves to do feats they never thought they could. Like I said above, just getting through the workouts is an accomplishment for me at this point, but I can only imagine when I start to actuallyimprove.

Though the price of Crossfit tends to be 3 or 4 times what you’d pay for even a nice gym, what you get out of the workouts, the camaraderie, the motivation, the coaching, and the changes you’ll notice in your mind and body are totally worth it. I only have one more class left on my Groupon, but I’m planning on shelling out the $150/month to keep going and see just where I can push myself next.

If you do Crossfit, why do you love it?

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That's really neat that you enjoy CrossFit so much! I do enjoy it as well, although I'm not attending as much as I'd like... what's your favourite WOD so far?


I don't think I've done enough to have a favorite, but I really love the partner WODs!
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