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Seasonal Eating - Summer is the Sweetest!

Posted by Julie M.

We've all been told to eat locally as it's far better to eat an apple grown nearby, at least in the same state, rather than an out-of-season tangerine that's been shipped and trucked all the way from Chile, using lots of gas and other resources. But sometimes you just want to eat what you want, wherever it comes from. Thank goodness for summer! Now is the time for farmer's markets and fruit stands and local grocery stores bursting with fresh produce grown, well, locally. In San Francisco there are farmer's markets all over the city, but the one on the weekends at the Ferry Plaza can't be beat. Just yesterday I scored four regular and four white nectarines, all firm and sweet and grown in the valley and some apricots for under $6. Heirloom tomatoes can't be far behind. Take advantage of summer's bounty to up your intake of fruit and veggies. It might become a yearlong habit...
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