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School Lunch from France and a Major Back To School Lunch Giveaway

Posted Aug 19 2013 10:43am

If you've been reading here for while, you'll know by now that I don't make my kids lunch they take to school.  In fact, it's one of the very first things I teach my kids to do for themselves.  Even before Kindergarten, they start making their own sandwiches.  Then, we move on to teach them what components should be included in their lunch to be healthy and balanced.  Soon after that, wa-la! I'm out of the lunch making business for good!  

Whether it's your kids making their lunch, or you, sometimes it helps to step outside the sandwich!  In fact, my husband (who brings lunch to work daily), has actually never brought a sandwich in the 17 years we've been married.  

One way to get ideas on sandwich alternatives, is to check out what kids are eating for lunch in other countries.  We checked out a cookbook from the library on French cooking and used it to make this lunch for the first day of school (WHICH IS TODAY for my 7th grader pictured on the right)

Our first day of school lunch from France looked like this: Instead of a sandwich, we made crepes !  We also included a mixed green salad with kiwi in top for the main dish, and for dessert, peach compote!  Inside the crepes we included some gruyere cheese and sliced ham.  (all from the French cooking cookbook)

Other non-sandwich lunches my kids will take include:

  • Soups
  • Pasta Salad
  • A bigger salad (with protein included)
  • Lettuce wraps
  • tortilla wraps
  • sandwiches made from other items such as pancakes or waffles, bagels, and dinner rolls.

We would love to know what non-sandwich items you include in your kids lunches!  So, to get you talking, we've put together a giveaway.  We reached out to a few companies who had products that fit perfectly with our mission to get kids to eat healthy lunches!  Here is what we found for you:  


Fit and Fresh Lunch Boxes 

We packed the lunch above in these are awesome containers.  I love them because they come with a removable ice pack!  My Erica (pictured above) was more excited about these boxes that I was, ha ha!!) Each container has one that snaps under the lid.  This helps your food stay fresh and cold! It's perfect for salads, pasta salads, and even sandwiches.   We have a lunch box (10.99) and 4 lunch containers with the ice packs for our lucky winner. (14.99 value)

Weelicious Lunches Book- 160 Happier Meals!

This book will be released Sept 3! I reached out to Catherine because she is the queen of great lunches that she posts to her facebook page almost daily!  The lunches she puts together for her kids look amazing, and they are always fresh and healthy !  (Book value  $29.99)  I know you'll love her new book and find 160 more lunch ideas for your kids!

My Super Foods

Healthy Snacks!  I wanted to include My Super Foods snacks , because it's hard to find packaged foods that you can include in your kids lunches!  Sometimes, you need something quick, yet most packaged food is full of junk.  My Super Foods company makes some delicious granola bar bites that are packed with nutrient dense super foods!  These are a perfect  mid-day treat for your kids to get through the rest of the school day.

Biodegradeable lunch bags- WEXY BAGS

Funny that I would want to include plastic bags, right? But have you seen these Wexy Bags ?  They are adorable, and they are great for packing lunches!  I wrote about them several years back , and still love them today.  These are sandwich bags that are BPA free and Biodegradable! How can you go wrong?  (3.99)

BENTO USA $50 Gift card!

Have you seen how adorable lunches can be just by adding a cute toothpick, molding rice, or cutting out cute shapes?  I read bloggers (like Wendy from Wendolonia) that can make the funnest lunches, and I KNOW you could make your lunches fun too, with the right supplies! That's why I asked Bento USA to donate to the giveaway and they came back and offered a $50 gift card to their store (their stuff already has great prices, so $50 will go a long way!!)   

Sandwich Cuter from CuteZcute Lastly, because this the only way I know how to turn a boring sandwich into a fun sandwich, is using a sandwich cuter! It's a little different than a cookie cutter, because it gives the impression in the top, as well as cut through the sandwich!  ($9.99)  Aren't they adorable?


To Enter 

You think you can pack lunch with all these tools?  One winner will receive ALL OF THE ITEMS ABOVE (retail value $129.94)  I KNOW you can pack amazing lunches with all this help!(or your kids can pack amazing lunches)  

But, because I wanted to find out your lunch ideas, you have to comment to win.  I want to know what you pack in your kids lunches!! Please share!  We'll run this contest all week, and share a few more lunch posts for you.  (ends Sunday, August 25)

BONUS ENTRY- Add an extra comment if you like Bento USA on Facebook  or My Super Foods Company !

TIP!!  Please un-select the box that says "Notify me of activity on this post" unless you want a slew of emails saying someone posted a comment!! THANKS!

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