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Say NO To Toxic Baby Products

Posted Apr 01 2009 12:40pm

An "emergency" green mom's carnival was called forth this week bySommer at Green and Clean Mom, who alerted us to a video contest sponsored by Johnson and Johnson. The prize is a whopping $10,000.  The cost to the consumer?  Especially our little itty bitty ones?  Exposure to toxins.

As a teenager I was diagnosed with topical formaldehyde poisoning after using a sun screen that had been from the season before. The preservatives used in this sunscreen had "pickled" me!  I have had to avoid the sun ever since. 

These toxic preservatives are in many baby personal care products.

An infants developing body systems are way more vulnerable than an adults. Chemicals that are found in most conventional baby-care products have only been tested as individual components, not in combination with each other, imagine a basic diaper change and all the variety of products used!  Our government does not require potential long term effects testing. Companies certainly don't test for toxicities. 

We as consumers have to be vigilant, we have to choose.

A few preservatives to look out for include:

sodium lauryl sulfate
DMDM hydantoin
polyethylante glycol ( PEG)
propylene glycol (PG)
fragrance ( often a code for phthalates )

Baby shampoo, washes, liquid soaps, sunscreens,wipes, lotions and moisturizers, diaper creams, powders, laundry, foods are all potentially tainted

above sourced fromgreen goes w/ everything by sloan barnett

I don't claim to be an expert in this area.

For me as a consumer when I see lists like the above I make a decision. Do I want those chemicals on mine or my babies body?  I personally say no and start reading labels.  I look for the alternatives

Thank goodness that
alternative productsare out there!

Consider getting involved. Support theKid-Safe Chemical Act, which is legislation presently before Congress to help make all household and personal cares products safe for use.  Tell people you know about your concerns. Switch brands

I really am sick and tired of needing a chemistry degree to decipher product labels.
 Aren't you ??

flickr image toxic product label

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karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~green clean~inch loss ~ anti-aging

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