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Say goodbye to Candyland! - Banishing Sugar From Your Diet

Posted by tamara h.

Consuming too much sugar keeps you awake at night, rots your teeth, and makes you fat. Simple as that.

It's easy to suggest removing sugar from your diet, however it is often much harder to do! Sugar is so tasty and is literally in every food you probably love! However there are some alternatives to sugar, and no the answer is not found in a box of Splenda!

1) Date sugar is found in dehydrated dates and can be used in lieu of regular sugar in many recipes. It is packed full of natural nutrients and can benefit your body rather than hurt it.

2) Agave nectar has the same amount of calories as regular sugar, but has an extra sweet property to it, satisfying your sweet tooth more quickly. In turn, you will consume less and that's a good thing!

3) Stevia, a natural herb from South America is available in both liquid and powder form from many natural food stores. It will definitely meet your sweetest desires, and is again healthier than that bag of shelf sugar.

Remember that regular commercial sugar has been proven to determine mood swings and a variety of other emotional and physical issues you just don't need in your life - whether you are already stressed or your world is going just fine. Dont let your foods make you a negative person! Just say no to commercial sugar products!

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Tamara, first of all - nice crown! second, thanks so much for the great ideas. I myself usually use Splenda to keep it sweet and light, but I am sure that the natural substitutes you are mentioning are much better for me. I will definitely try them and let you know - We all need some sweet in our lives -so here's a great way to keep it healthy. thnx!
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