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:.*SavOry SweEt PoTatOes AnD SquAsh:.*

Posted Feb 22 2010 12:00am
.:*GooD EveNing GuestS*:.

Well I'm not sure how your Monday went but mine was exhausting! Mostly, it was my own fault- I let my blood sugar drop this morning - a huge no no when you're trying to have a good day, and then I got so caught up doing homework tonight after a long day, that I looked up and it was way past my bed time!

Anyway, I decided to share with you a recipe I made today that made me feel so much better as soon as I had it: ) I know you'll enjoy it too!

*I made my own variation of this in my new VitaMix that I'll share at the end  that I'm having for lunch tomorrow, very filling, but here is the cooked, standard version that is truly, truly delicious and can be served alone as dessert or as a side item with dinner!

* Dig In!*


Simply Sweet PotatoEs and Squash
Serves 4 (1 cup ) servings


  • 1 small sweet potato, cut up into rounds. (  I just lay it down and slice it into circle-like slices like a thick potato chip )

  • 1 acorn or butternut squash cut into cubes ( ask your produce manager to do this for you if they don't market it that way )
  • cinnamon-
  • ginger
  • cloves
DID YOU KNOW? Cinnamon is great for managing blood sugar? I keep some in my purse at all times to sprinkle on any food that could possibly use a little dash. I love it:) My family even jokes about it...


1. *Spray a 9x9 or 8x8 glass baking dish with nonstick spray and put in the potatoes and squash together.

2. *Spray a little more spray over the potatoes and squash just enough to coat ( organic nonstick spray is best if you do this, it gives them a nice glossy finish and buttery taste).

3. Then, just lightly sprinkle with a little cinnamon, just a dash of ginger and cloves and bake at 350 for 15 minutes ( trust me here, its really good).

3. *Make sure the dish is soft to the touch of a fork, not still hard or you need to keep cooking it until it gets soft to the touch of a fork in 2 minute increments.

Let it cool and ENJOY!:)
:- The cinnamon, cloves and ginger really set this dish off, when you pull this out of the oven it smells a little like pumpkin pie -but better- its fantastic! If you just have cinnamon, use that*

~ Don't believe this sounds good? ----My mom came in the kitchen tonight as I was baking some butternut squash this way and said," I smell cookies!" I just smiled and said, "It's my squash;)"

Trust me- try it:)

This dish tastes like dessert even though its not!:) Its fantastic!

Okay,now for My VitaMix Version!:)
_ This is for the more adventurous of you and trusting:)~
Simply Sweet ChocADO Shake
Serves 1-2 servings
  • 1 raw sweet potato or acorn squash, cut into cubes ( you can also used cooked and cooled )
  • 1 avocado, pitted and flesh scooped out - you don't even taste it! It just makes it creamy:)
  • 1 packet of Stevia sweetener (all natural, no sugar whatsoever)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup 100% dark cocoa powder or raw cacao powder
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
Mix all the ingredients in the VitaMix ( or your favorite high speed blender)
Blend on low for 2 seconds, then on high for 5-10 seconds until you get your very own raw yummy chocolate milkshake with a delightful "pumpkin-y pie taste"



*All comments welcome- post here or email me at anytime!:)

*Have a great Tuesday*

Heart and Soul,

:.*Millie Lou:.*
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