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Saving the Planet…One Orange Peel at a Time

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Does your vote count in a presidential election?

Does it really make a difference whether you choose paper or plastic at the grocery store?

Does your little recycling bin full of stuff really make the problem with landfills smaller?

These are many questions we ask ourselves as we go through life, picking and choosing what to do and how to do it. We have a set amount of time in a day, and a lot of figuring out to do about what we will fill our time with.  Sometimes, when things seem to have indirect or hard-to-see benefits, it’s easier to just miss election day or throw your glass bottles out with the trash. Sometimes when I get the urge to not put in the extra bit of effort to do one of those things, I have to remind myself about faith.

Not religious faith, but it’s based on the same principle. Faith that what you do really matters in the bigger picture and in the grand scheme of the world and passing time. Back when recycling was first begun, many people didn’t do it.  It was too much work, and it was different from what they were used to doing.  Over time, recycling has become second nature for most.  Think of the impact this must be having on the planet!  How cool that we all have a part in this.

My latest Save-The-Planet endeavor is to compost. I didn’t do it earlier because I don’t have a place to put it and I don’t have a garden or a yard to use it in later…..or so I thought.  I learned that people in the city freeze their compost and then drop it off at specified times and locations once a week or so.

I have a freezer. My mom has a composter in her yard. BINGO!

Frozen Compost

Frozen Compost

I can freeze my compost in plastic bags as it is produced, and then when I’m ready to take it to my Mom’s (i.e. when the freezer is full), I can take the compost-cicles and dump them all in one bag to transport it (and to prevent having to stand outside in the freezing cold and open and dump multiple bags).  In the end, I can recycle all the plastic grocery bags I used because once the compost is frozen, the plastic bag peels off completely cleanly. I haven’t figured out how to eliminate the plastic bag step, but I could probably go to Wegmans and take bags out of the plastic bag recycle bins.

What do you think?  Would you do it?

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