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Sandra Bullock’s fitness secrets

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:35pm

Did you know that Sandra Bullock was 44 (she was born July 26, 1964)?

I’ll tell you that I think she looks 500 times better now than she did in 1992 when we saw her in the movie Speed.

Sandra Bullock has been working the red carpet recently to promote her new flick alongside Ryan Reynolds — The Proposal.

If you are a hardcore reader of Bazaar magazine like I am, than you surely caught a glimpse of a Sandra that is at a great place in her life gracing the pages of the June 2009 issue. Sandra has also been seen looking smashing on the cover of In Style ’s March 2009 issue.

It’s obvious from Sandra slim and svelte physique that she’s keeping fit by being very active.

I always draw so much inspiration from women who make fitness a priority as they age and I can tell you that from Sandra’s fitness regime, there is a lot to be inspired by!

>>> So which sports does Sandra Bullock practices to stay this fit?
Sandra loves variety when it comes to her workout and she incorporates many of the exercises I do myself in order to keep “everything in place as I age”.

Sandra practices kick boxing, plyometrics, weight training and pilates.  She also likes to bike and run outside.

Not only does this variety of exercises prevent Sandra Bullock from ever feeling bored about the idea of exercising, but they also contribute to one essential body conditioning secrets to a leaner and slimmer body - muscle confusion!

When you workout different parts of your body via a series of different exercises you always keep your muscles guessing and when your muscles don’t have a chance to get accustomed to the same-old-same-old exercise routine, they are forces to keep up and work harder!

If you’ve been climbing that stair master machine day-in-day-out with little results, you might want to switch it up a bit and add new exercises to your fitness routine!

Photo of Sandra Bullock in dress from In Style

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