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San Diego Photo Recap: Part 2

Posted Jun 28 2013 1:56pm

Hello friends! I had good intentions to blog this week, but I’ve just been a bit busy. Working, getting’ my fitness on, and the most fun thing, preparing for my Dad to come visit!

What better way to get prepared for a little mini vacation than to finish the recap for my last vacation! Check out these posts for previous recaps.

Photo Recap: Part 1
WIAW: San Diego Edition


We spent an entire day at the San Diego Zoo. The weather was perfect for the animals and we managed to see every single animal in action!


Koalanation had opened up just a week or so prior to our visit. Those suckers sleep 20 hours out of the day so they were easy to watch.

I know not everyone is a zoo person, but I just absolutely was overwhelmed with how much I loved seeing all the animals. Bonus…I marked #3 off my 33W33 list.

Our last stop of our trip to the zoo was to see the pandas. I’m a HUGE panda fan (or bear fan really) and didn’t mind the 20 minute wait in line to see Mama Panda and her baby. The zoo had an expert on hand to tell us all about pandas, including the fact that they are solo pandas and that once mom is ready for her baby to leave the nest she will turn on them immediately. If the baby tries to approach mom once she has decided he needs to leave she will consider him a threat and could kill him if he comes near her. Ouch. Eh. They were still cute. Mom walked around a little while we were there and ate bamboo. She was nice enough to give me her butt when it was time for a picture.


The agenda for our trip to San Diego was also filled with a lot of brewery tours. San Diego has a ton of breweries to check out, but the main one we wanted to see was Stone Brewing Co . Stone is big in my area so it was nice to see where it came from.

They had absolutely beautiful grounds and outdoor seating.

The tour of the facility was led by a guy who had a great understanding of beer and a fantastic mustache.


There was also beer at Ballast Point too. Not the best setting in the world and we didn ‘t do the brewery tour, but they have some wonderful beers that made up for it! My fave, by far, was the Indra Kunindra. Exotic and delicious!

There was also a winery involved. On a whim, and a few good Yelp reviews, we decided to stop at Bella Marie in Escondido.

The woman working there could not have been friendlier and the grounds were just gorgeous. It was perfect for a little wine tasting.

Throughout the week we made pit stops at beaches, cute little parks, and  different neighborhoods around San Diego.

Old Town for some Mexican food


Oceanside, which makes for some excellent people watching.

Gaslamp for some hipster dining and club hopping (or watching people club hop).


I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when visiting SD, but I know I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun as we did. The weather could not have been better and there is just so much to see and do. I will definitely be back for another visit and maybe I will brave the waves next time!



Have a wonderful weekend!  

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