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Saga of the Broken Foot

Posted Sep 24 2012 9:15pm

Less than two months away from the Anthem Richmond Marathon, and things were going well.  Then I suddenly rolled my ankle and destroyed my foot.



Apparently, the avulsion fracture is somewhere in there, or so I’m told.  I can never make sense of these x-rays.  Nonetheless, three doctors looked at it, and three concurred:  Avulsion fracture.  This is a rather painful type of fracture where a piece of bone is pulled from the bone itself.  Pulled, like when tape pulls paint from a wall.

I had a crisis moment when I got word, officially, that my ankle was cracked.  The moment lasted roughly five minutes.  Five minutes of hell.  Five minutes of “I can’t do this”.  Then I snapped out of it, and told myself that I would learn to train around this ankle while it heals, and so I have.


This is what my foot looked like the day after the accident.  Impressive, right?  I have to admit, once the initial accident had passed, it was relatively painless.


A few days later, the swelling had decreased, hematoma began to spread all around my foot.  Again, quite painless.  By this time, the orthopedic doctor had told me to ditch the crutches and do whatever can be tolerated, in terms of exercise.  I was delighted to hear that.  I have been to the YMCA nearly every day since then, working on elliptical, stationary bicycles, and doing whatever weight machines I can muster.  Also, I’ve been swimming, but I stink at it.

Two weeks have passed since the accident, and I am happy to report that my once-swollen foot now looks like a normal sized, normal colored foot with a slight puffiness around the broken bone.  I haven’t given up on my marathon goal.  I won’t.

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