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Sadness and Binge Eating

Posted by Nirmala N.

According to researchers, the urge to binge-eat is definitely tied to emotional turmoil and depression. If you find yourself turning to food after a traumatic experience, like a breakup or the loss of a loved one, don’t be surprised. Scientists still don’t know why eating acts as an emotional salve for the brokenhearted, but there is evidence that the body releases mood-elevating chemicals in response to certain foods (e.g., chocolate). Also, putting yourself on a restrictive diet to lose weight is another thing that can actually lead to overeating—particularly because fad diets may not provide enough calories for basic daily energy requirements.

Researchers at Cornell University recently discovered that people who are sad or depressed tend to indulge in fatty comfort foods way more than individuals who are happy. In one study, people who watched a sad movie ate 36 percent more popcorn than those who watched a comedy.

Obviously, staying away from comfort food when you’re bored or depressed might be a challenge in and of itself, but researchers also found that people, even when sad, who read the nutritional information on the fatty foods they were eating were less likely to overeat. In fact, their levels of food consumption even dropped below the levels of people who were happy. Frequent exercise and reliable support systems were also found to alleviate the possibility of overeating due to sadness.
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Great info -thank you.  Reserach also shows adding a fish oil supplement (rich in Omega-3s, particularly EPA) can help balance moods, reduce symptoms of depression and SAD.  Don't forget the brain is 60% fat and needs these healthy fats for proper functioning -including appetite, cravings and more.  A great company I know - Genuine Health, makes a whole line of Omega-3 formulas, including one called o3mega+ joy for mood support in particular, containing 1 gram of EPA, a clinically proven dosage with NO unhealthy side effects.

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