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Run Run Run Til The Running Store Takes My Garmin Away

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:03pm

A frosty start this morning.

Frosty Start

It could been the middle of a blizzard for all I cared, I was getting out there today come hell or high water to play with my new toy!

New Toy

With a GPS strapped to my wrist I didn’t give two hoots about my route and just ran. I typically stick to a handful of routes that I know the mileage of so I know how far I went.

Free at last! Thank Garmin 405 almighty I’m free at last!

OK I know that’s totally pathetic, why do I need a gadget to let me be free to run a random route? I don’t, I’m just a nerd like that.

Out and back, my little watchy watch told me I ran 4.49 miles in 36:55, average pace 8:13. Love. IT.

I made myself some a glass of green lemonade to sip on while getting the Garmin software installed and set up on my computer.


ANT Stick! This little sucker allows the watch to wirelessly transmit my workout data to my computer as soon as I get near my computer with the watch on.

Garmin 405 ANT Stick

Voila! Click to enlarge.

November 12 Run Stats

I love the heart rate monitor and that I could see both my average and maximum heart rate during each mile and the number of calories I burned! I normally don’t care about calories burned but now that I’m calorie counting mode I am interested to know the numbers. I entered my stats in the unit this morning before I left so it should be fairly accurate.

Compared to the Garmin 305, the 405 is smaller, but it’s still bigger and clunkier than my usual watch. I’m not complaining, I’m just noting.

Watch Size

Totally fun! I’m ready to go out again! Right now! Pesky kids.

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