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Roomie Brunch + Blogger Secret Ingredient!

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:54am

Bittersweet Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you have been enjoying your weekends so that the coming Monday is a little less of a groaner.

Although the football team got their butts kicked over the weekend, I’ve still had a lot of fun! On Friday, I went to one of Bobby’s friend’s apartments and played Mario Kart Wii for several hours straight. I got first place once, and twelfth place nearly every other time :oops: But hey, it was on the hard setting, so give me some credit! Those boys play that game all the time and have no lives, right?

Last night, K and I went to see The Duchess with Keira Knightley. I think for most people it’s a love her or hate her relationship, and I think she’s a great actress, so I loved the movie! I’m a big fan of Pride & Prejudice, and this one was nothing like it - no happy ending this time because it was real life. As a result, K and I decided that the next movie we see is going to be a happy one because we keep crying!

To make ourselves feel better - and because we wanted to anyway! - K and I had a roomie brunch this morning. We decided to make Kath’s Oatmeal Pancakes. It has been far too long since I had one - I’d forgotten how easy they are to make and how great they taste! I will be making these more often in the coming months!

Mm Mm Mm! I followed Kath’s recipe almost exactly, with the exception of substituting Original Egg Beaters for the egg whites. This substitution made the pancakes even more omelette-like in consistency, but combined with mashed banana and oats, they still took on a characteristic pancake taste. It was the best of both worlds! I topped mine with a mixture of whipped banana and maple syrup.

I also had a delicious mug of Coffee Cocoa to round out the meal. It’s always fun to take some extra time in the morning with my roomie, where we can talk about anything and everything and ease into a day of homework and studying!


So I bought a log of polenta at Whole Foods the other day…

And I had no idea what to do with it, since I’ve never had polenta before :mrgreen: But not wanting to disappoint Miss RhodeyGirl, I eventually came through (on the last day of the challenge, no less) with today’s lunch.

Egg McPolenta

Hm, what’s with my recent tributes to McDonald’s?

I tried to get some fa ll folia ge in the background for you ;) Basically, I started by microwaving an egg white to give it that “poached” look. Then I cut two 1/2-inch disks of polenta and topped one disk with reduced-fat Mexican cheese and the other with two slices of deli turkey. I then microwaved them together with the “poached” egg white for roughly 45 seconds until everything was nice and warm. Simple, quick and oh-so-delicious!

The polenta made a really nice substitute for the English muffin you would normally associate with this meal. And I still have plenty of my log left, so you can be sure I will come up with more ways to use it this week! As for right now, I’ve very impressed with this week’s secret ingredient choice!! Kudos, Sabrina!!

Nutrition Information (one McPolenta):

  • 150 calories
  • 2g fat
  • 17g carbohydrates
  • 1g fiber
  • 16g protein


Obviously, this is a pretty small meal and I would recommend having something on the side! I chose a spinach salad and a banana smeared with almond butter:) but to each her own!


A couple of weeks ago, Heather from Hangry Pants and I decided that we would rummage through our closets and make a donation with the clothes we never wear anymore. I’m proud to say that I came out with quite a haul to give away - hopefully to someone who can use it!

The bag on the left is my roomie’s donation - the others are mine :) I think I need to start doing this more often because otherwise someday I will have no room to walk in my house! Pack rat, pack rat!

That’s it from me for now! I’ve been taking advantage of an unusually warm day and have gone to the beach (no, not the ocean - Lake Michigan!) to do some reading and am now heading out to Bobby’s club soccer game. And I can’t wait for Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters later tonight! They are the two shows I most look forward to throughout the week!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday evening!

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