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risks of coffee enemas

Posted by vawenzel

Gerson Therapy for Brain Tumors calls for nutritional and metabolic treatment regimen... which includes 'Coffee enemas".   I am concerned about overdoing it...

Please send evidence of the risks and benefits of frequent 'coffee enemas'

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There is no evidence that coffee enemas detoxify the body.  The Gerson Therapy as an alternative cancer treatment is scientifically unproven and misguides patients who forego medical treatment.

Coffee enemas offer no advantage over regular saline enemas, and carry the same risks: anal tear, bacterial infection, internal burn by the hot liquid, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance,  decreased bowel function with repeated use.  In addition, coffee enemas can lead to caffeine addiction and should be avoided by pregnant women and people with caffeine sensitivity.

Coffee enemas do not remove the toxins that cause cancer.  Like all colonics, this kind of enema does nothing for body detoxification.  Metabolic detox is performed by the LIVER.  Hence, you need first to care for the only liver you've got, and you do that with proper nutrition: low in saturated fat, rich in fruits and vegetables and lean protein.  Fruits and vegetables are full of anti-0xidants, as are fish and nuts.

For more on body detox, see    The Daily Crunch: July 2009

For more articles on nutrition health and metabolic detox, browse

A good site for cancer nutrition and resources is the  American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR): Homepage

Be informed, It's a Healthy Thing 

Marie's response is bologna.....Read any of Charlotte Gerson's books.  The proof is in the pudding.  Coffee enemas do not cause addiction of any sort, nor do they cause harm.  You have to let the coffee cool ofcourse (not put it in hot!) and only take one quart in.  Gerson gives specific details on how to do this. I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for the replys. (I'll track the links)  Seems to be some divided opinion here... Please, send ANY evidence that Gerson Therapy is an effective treatment for brain tumor... Radiologist and onchologist have stats supporting effectiveness of their treatment plans (good or bad is not the point).  Is Anybody tracking Gerson's treatment effectiveness for brain tumor?   How do they stack-up? What 's the evidence that Gerson works any better than radiation or chemo for BT?

  A follow-on question...  What about the purging fast of molasis, cheyanne (sp) pepper and lemonjuice fast - for a brain tumor patient trying to cleanse after a week of "vacation diet"? 

(Hope the response to this follow-on question doesn't take another 2-3 months... we're under some time constraints to avert this if it's a bad idea...)

Thanks. vaw
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