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Review: Door to Door Organics (aka Organic Produce for the Lazy)

Posted Feb 19 2010 11:04am

This past Tuesday, my sis and I got our first delivery from Door to Door Organics. Here’s what came in our “Bitty Box” (for $23):

3 ea. Murcott Tangerines
2 ea. Navel Oranges
1 ea. Meyer Lemons
1 ea. Spinach
2 ea. Gala Apples
1 lb Potatoes
2 ea. Fuji Apples
1 ea. Romaine Lettuce
2 ea. Cucumbers
1 ea. Broccoli

We also had the opportunity to buy additional items like cherry tomatoes, rainbow chard, and avocado (we didn’t buy any this time). Doing the math, we figured that we’d probably pay around $20-25 for the same amount of organic produce at a grocery store, so I think we’re getting a good deal. And the best part? It’s DELIVERED TO OUR DOOR. Lazy people, rejoice!

So far, I’ve tasted the spinach (ya think?), apples, cucumbers, broccoli, and tangerine. They’ve all been very good. That’s not to say we won’t occasionally get bruised apples or wilted lettuce, but I’d say the quality is slightly above what you can find in a traditional grocery store. The quantity also seems just perfect for two people. We’re only getting a box every other week, so we might have to supplement a little, but this is a good exercise in using all that we have — no more, no less.

You can customize what produce you get by indicating your likes and dislikes on the website. I think you can get fruit-only and veggie-only boxes as well. All in all, if you live in Colorado, Kansas City, Michigan, or on the East Coast, you should at least try it out! You can subscribe and cancel at any time, so there’s really nothing to lose. I promise they didn’t pay me to say anything of these things, I’m just all about this concept. Anyway, check out the website for more info.

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