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Resistance Band Exercises

Posted Jul 16 2009 10:20pm
I had a few people the past month ask me for advice in using resistance bands to add variety to their workout routines and who better to turn to for advice than the man who wrote the book on Resistance Band Workouts, Mike Roultson.

Some of you may remember Mike's name from his Fat Loss Workout Tips article which appeared on CFB back in April. For those of you not familiar with Mike, he's a kick-butt trainer based out of Vancouver, Canada who runs and extremely successful bootcamp (so much so that Nike chose Mike as their bootcamp trainer!).

In a nutshell, Mike knows what he's talking about. His top 3 resistance band exercises for a circuit:
2) Forward Lunge + Chest Press

3) Y Deltoid Raise

Mike says, I like combining the reverse fly with a squat, and that way we are getting a great upper-back/rear-delt workout, while also working their lower-body.

Same idea with the forward lunge plus chest press. We do tons of pushup variations in my boot camp, and I do really love pushups for chest, but I also like doing the dynamic forward lunge plus chest press combo.

The last exercise on my is is the Y Delt Raise. I like that exercise because it's great for the health and stability of the shoulder.

At my boot camp program I call it a "super posture exercise" because it not only workouts your upper-back and rear shoulders, but also your rotator cuff.

Train hard; stay strong.



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