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Release the Pressure By Simply Saying ‘No’

Posted Aug 20 2012 10:50am

Do you find it difficult to say ‘no’? Are you the one that everyone comes to because you will always help, no matter the situation? It’s time to release the pressure, and stress and begin by implementing the use of this very important word. Oh sure many will say it’s easier said than done, but those are the same people who won’t use this word successfully.

I’m not here to tell you that it is the easiest word to use however I’m here to tell you that it will get easier when you begin to use it. The word ‘no’ may sound negative to many but it doesn’t have to be. Implementing this simple little word can actually eliminate the unneeded stress and pressure that you unknowingly will accumulate on a daily basis.

Saying ‘no’ will:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Enhance your relationship with your spouse or significant other
  • Enhance your relationship with your children
  • Enhance your relationship with your family
  • Enhance your relationship with your friends
  • Make your daily schedule manageable
  • Allow more time for ‘YOU’
  • Improve your health
  • Help you regain your sanity!

Notice all the enhancements by simply implementing the word ‘no’ into your vocabulary? At first, you may shock your friends and family but ultimately they will understand that saying ‘no’ is truly essential to your over all health and well being. As a mom to many, I must say that implementing this word into my vocabulary was not easy, but it has become easier.

Of course you will never simply get away with saying ‘no’ so I suggest the following phrase: ‘I simply can’t say ‘yes’ to your request‘ or a variation to this saying. Notice how the word ‘no’ wasn’t mentioned? This phrase will keep folks guessing while keeping you from committing to something you can’t possibly fit into your already busy schedule.

So, my motivation and inspiration tip for you today is to include ‘no’ into your vocabulary. It’s truly essential to your sanity and over all well being. Will you have to use it often? Perhaps in the beginning until those around you understand that you are putting your needs and that of your family first. Once that is understood your life will become easier and your plate will not be as full as it probably is now. The life of a busy mom must include the word ‘no’ in order for you to regain some sort of sanity. Take it from me, it works!

For more tips to implement in your busy life be sure to check out my latest book: Letting Go Of Super Mom available now on Amazon. com, B&, and various local bookstores. However if you’d like your very own autographed copy you can order it here —> Autographed Copy .

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