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Reducing Your Stress During Changing Times

Posted Sep 01 2011 5:15am

During times of change it is normal to experience some form of stress. There are times that change is inevitable and then there are times when change can truly be devastating. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, loss of a job or promotion that requires moving to a new location; the stress can be overwhelming. Below you’ll find some stress management tips you can incorporate into you life today to better prepare you for those inevitable times of change. 

Allow your emotions – Too often people are afraid to share their emotions so they try to push their feelings aside when a stressful situation arises. This pushing of feelings aside is actually more damaging. Allowing yourself the freedom of sharing your emotions whether frustration or anger or grief will help. Allowing yourself to truly feel these emotions is essential to your physical and emotional health.

Release your emotions, Don’t stew – This goes hand in hand with the tip above. While you need to deal with your emotions and give yourself permission to release them, you don’t want to go to the extreme. The extreme being where you allow yourself to wallow in your sorrows. Allowing your emotions to stew for long periods of time not only will wear you down emotionally but will also drain your energy and ultimately making you a person no one will want to be around.  

If you find yourself beginning to hold in your emotions to the point of stewing {and you know when you are stewing} engage in an activity that will take your mind off the situation. Perhaps you love to write; take these times to journal your feelings. Some enjoy physical activity and if you are one of those individuals then go outside and run or take a kick-boxing class. Releasing the emotions is the key. 

Positive Thinking – This is my favorite of all the tips. Although it may be easy to see the negative in difficult situations, this way of thinking ultimately leads to more stress. Instead flip your way of thinking and try to find the positive in every situation. It may be difficult at first but with practice you will soon find that it will become a habit and your stress will melt away. Start off with smiling..let’s face it, you can’t be depressed if you are smiling. It works!

Rest your mind and body – Stressful situations will wear you out physically and emotionally which then leads to fatigue. If this is something that you are experiencing, allow yourself some down time. Try taking a long bath or warm shower to release the stresses of the day. Allowing your body to rest will rejuvenate your mind. So, learning to say ‘no’ and letting go is something you will need to learn. Generally, once you get the adequate amount of rest for your body, your mood will change and your stress level will decrease.

Check-in – Dealing with life changing circumstances is never easy. During these times its very easy to lose sight of who you really are as a person. So, this is when you should stop and take the time to check-in with yourself. Remind yourself of who you are, the things you enjoy, your passions and your goals. Once you reclaim your identity, you will feel in control once again and your stress will decrease.

Avoid certain activities – Of course involving yourself in activities to distract your mind and reduce your stress is essential to your overall well being. However there are also activities that you must avoid that many will turn to during times of stress. These activities include but are not solely limited to excessive drinking, gambling, smoking, overeating, starving yourself as well as procrastinating. 

During these most stressful times it’s important to not lose track of yourself, your family and your health. No matter how difficult the situation it is important to not only apply the suggested tips but also find someone to talk with and seek help. Remember asking for help is not a sign of weakness it is most certainly sign of a courageous individual. You can do it!

PS. Be sure to come back often for more stress management tips and/or sign up for our upcoming Monday Night Stress-Free Calls where we will discuss many more ways to handle your stress in a healthy manner.

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