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Red Pepper Hummus and Eggplant mustard crisps

Posted Nov 27 2009 12:00am

I only realized this past week that my principal sources of protein as of late have been coming from a lot of avocadoes and heckload of nuts.  While these two sources boast a high amount of healthy fats, they are still fats none the less.  The result has been that I have been feeling rather sluggish (although also attributable to lack of exercise and waaaay too much time in front of the computer.  Like now.)

I realized pretty soon that I needed to start looking for other options! Sprouts, but beans!  I adore beans, but sometimes I do hear them getting bad reps for being an inherent food-combining faux-pas; however, this was remedied after I realized that I don’t even practice food combining anyway (lack of self-control, mainly: I always eat my cereal with my nuts and dried fruit – I can’t help the habit!)  So…apprehension, what? Break out the blender and let’s make hummus!!

Red Pepper Hummus

1 can of beans, rinsed and drained

1 cup of filtered water

1/2 red pepper + 1/2 carrot (you can pretty much use any chopped up veggies you have lying around – I went for the beta-carotene!), diced

sesame seeds (to your liking)

squirt of lemon juice

salt and pepper

Put everything in the blender, save for the red peppers and a 1/2 cup of water.  Blend until thick consistency is reached.  Add more water as you like.  You may have to shove things down in your blender to enhance blending at this point (or – add water. But don’t add too much otherwise it’ll be a soup!) I added in the diced red peppers last because I like a little texture in mine.  Voilà! Your very own Red Pepper Hummus! How easy was that? I’m sure you can add things like spices too to make it more complex, but alas, I am a simple girl.  Je suis une fille naturelle.

Something else I’ve really been enjoying lately is baked eggplant.  Especially when it’s right out of the oven and crispy on the edges, soft on the inside…drool.  Although earlier this month I tried making eggplant lasagna à la Fitnessista, the result was serious shrinkage of my eggplant (of course) and tasty though it was, I felt I was overloading the poor things by trying to put tomato sauce in between the slices.  Can I just eat the slices plain? (Again, fille naturelle) They were really good!   But there’s only one problem, and that is that I do not have garlic in my house.  Worried that I might not like baked eggplant by itself, I soon came up with another quick-fix solution:

Indeed, that is mustard.

And the result? By a haphazard attempt to compensate for my lack of garlic in the house, I was rewarded by a tangy eggplant crisp!  An accident, I tell you.  But aren’t all great things discovered by accident?

Eggplant Mustard Crisps

1/2 eggplant (approx. 12 slices, sliced 1/2 – 3/4″ thick)

1 tbsp ancient mustard

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil


squirt lemon juice (optional, since mustard already has citric acid)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Mix mustard, olive oil, lemon juice (if adding).  Toss eggplant slices in mixture.  Salt them either before or after placing on baking sheet.

Bake 15 minutes on one side, 15 minutes on other (or until both sides looks nice and crispy).  EAT AND ENJOY!

Happy Friday!!!! It’s the weekend, guys!!!!

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