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Recipe Roulette & Update

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:02pm

Recipe Roulette:



Nobody move or the chef gets it...



  1. I have sooo many cookbooks.
  2. I read sooo many cooking blogs.
  3. I create my own recipes.

The latter two frequently make it onto this site, but the recipes in my various cookbooks often get overlooked.

So inspired by an article I read here, I've decided to periodically grab a book, fire at random  so to speak, and flip to a recipe and post it for y'all. Now I have a bizarre assortment of cookbooks, with a vast array of who knows what you'll wind up with!


  • Ah yes, an overdue update for my readers. Binty has had quite a few things going on!! Good things though =)
  • back working at SSC Animal Clinic. enjoying it, loving seeing some old clients, loving working with Doc again. good times.
  • officially admitted to UAB's graduate school for 5th year education program. I have 3 more prerequisite classes after I finish mass communications and theatre this semester, before I officially part of the Alternative Master's Program (fancy word for I be able to teach da Engrish).
  • Started hanging out with one of my coworkers, who is super awesome and I've sooooo needed a good girl friend. Thanks H!
  • Got a date for Halloween! A non-costume-related date, but a date nonetheless... secret readers? I'm hellaciously nervous.
  • And your GFCF diet girl is ridiculously behind in culinary creations. I'll get back in the kitchen soon, I promise.
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