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Recipe: Dark Chocolate Cherry Waffles

Posted Jul 18 2012 9:30am

Whenever my Dad comes to visit me in Boston my Mom usually sends him with a little list of places she has seen on the internet that we *must* visit while he is here. These places range from ice cream joints to indoor skydiving. She is like our own personal travel guide. This time around she put visiting Boston Olive Oil Co . on our agenda. I realize that visiting an olive oil place doesn’t sound supah fun to the average person, but if you read this blog then more than likely you are on board with this.

The Newbury St. store has over 50 olive oils and balsamic vinegars to taste/try. Each oil and vinegar has a description on it along with suggestion on food pairings and other oil/vinegar pairings.

After making myself almost sick from tasting through all of the balsamic vinegars they had in stock, I ended up with a bottle of Dark Chocolate balsamic vinegar and a Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar. They are both so tasty and I knew they would be great additions to SO many foods. I will LITERALLY put vinegar on almost anything.

My first rodeo with the dark chocolate vinegar…

Dark Chocolate Balsamic Cherries!

While in the grocery store I picked up a 3 lb. bag of cherries. Possibly my eyes were a little bigger than my stomach (but certainly not bigger than the cost!) and thefine  folks at OXO had recently sent me a Cherry & Olive Pitter . Originally I wasn’t sure how much use I could get out of this little tool, but I figured I would give it a try. This sucker is amazing!

Just slip the cherry into the pitter and press down. Pop! The little pit just pops right out with no mess. The splash guard keeps the cherry juice from getting all over the place and the soft handle makes it easy to squeeze the tool. A bonus feature of the cherry pitter is that it has a little lock on the bottom of the handle to keep it pushed together when not in use. Handy!

All the pits went right into the little bowl instead of all over the counter. Easy clean-up FTW.

I’m a huge fan of kalamata olives and I’m excited to give the pitter the old college try with those.

For these waffles I wanted to split the cherries up so I pitted them (easily! Thanks OXO!) and then just sliced them up. From there I drizzled the dark chocolate balsamic vinegar into a small pan, threw in the cherries with a bit of Stevia and heated them all together until the cherries were soft.

While they were heating up I whipped up a Protein Waffle. When I originally started making this mixture up I was trying to make a protein pancake (a Tone It Up  fave!), but it always just ended up as an egg scramble with cinnamon in it. Ugh. Gross. Then I realized I could just stick it in the waffle maker and voila! Everything stays together.

Protein Waffles
-1/2 c. old fashioned oats
-1/4 c. cottage cheese
-1/2 banana
-1 egg
-1 packet Perfect Fit Protein Powder (or 1 scoop of whatever protein powder you have)
-dash of cinnamon

*Mix all the ingredients together and blend till smooth. An immersion blender is perfect for the job, but a plain ol’ blender could work too.
*Spray waffle maker with cooking spray to prevent the waffle from sticking. Pour into waffle maker and cook.

Once the waffle was made I just spooned the balsamic cherries on top of the waffle and drizzled a bit of the vinegar from the pan over top.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Protein Waffles!

Not only are these waffles (or pancakes if you are a skilled chef) super easy to make but they are tasty and the perfect vessel for fun toppings. Lets be honest…toppings are where it is at. Don’t give me an ice cream sundae, pancakes or waffles without toppings. Eh. Maybe ice cream. ;)

I’ve already repeated this little dish a few times since I first made it and it is officially a fave in the AGAHM household.


If you guys have noticed I’ve been loving the instagram photos lately. I’m a little late to the party. You can follow me at agirlandhermutt. Let me know in the comments too if you have an instagram account too.

I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

*Just a note: OXO provided the Cherry & Olive Pitter free of charge to try out. As always, opinions are all my own.*

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