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Recipe #2: Spice Up That Salmon......

Posted Jul 20 2007 12:00am

OK, so we're all tired of having salmon the same old way - which, if you come from a family of traditional cooks like me, usually means marinating it in a combination of mustard, soy sauce, ginger, & olive oil, or some slightly altered variation on that theme. Can we say, "BORING"!!?!!! Been there, done that. Time for something new & exciting.

So here it is: Here's a recipe that's something a bit more exciting than the usual salmon recipes out there. Taste-tested it recently (i.e., made it for my fiancé, Erik, & myself) & it tastes truly fantastic -- Even Erik, who's not a big fish-eater, liked this recipe!

Route 79's Masala Salmon Recipe
(Click on above link to view recipe.)

Chef's Notes: Just a few suggestions & a word of caution: The chili powder listed in this recipe is NOT the same thing as the "Mexican"-style chili powder typically found in US grocery stores (i.e., it's NOT the mild-tasting, dark-burgundy colored "chili" powder that's typically used in Mexican bean/chili dishes; it's actually Indian-style chili powder, which is a bright, orangey-red color, and is made from hot red chili peppers.) So go easy on the chili powder (it can often be atomically hot!); a little goes a long way. Also, instead of the bottled lemon juice that's pictured in this recipe, I'd recommend using amchoor (i.e., mango) powder (which keeps a long time & should be stored in a glass jar), or if you can't find an Indian grocery/market close by, then it's obviously so much better to use freshly squeezed lemon juice (versus the gross chemically-tasting bottled kind). Of course, if you are true gourmet cook & thus a stickler for using only fresh produce, then I don't have to tell you that..... (I can hear some of you retching at the mere mention of the phrase "bottled lemon juice.")

If you've got questions about preparing this recipe, of course, just ask me. Enjoy!

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