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rebel with a cause

Posted Apr 08 2010 5:01pm

We all know I love to-do lists .  I’m just not good at completing them.

That same theory also holds true for goal lists. Although different in scope from to-do lists, the fact remains I don’t like being told what to do.  And that is exactly what I feel like lists do.  Ultimately, me and my “don’t tell me what to do” attitude is really just a product of one thing: freedom. When I feel like my freedom and ability to be independent is being smothered, I rebel (clearly, with just cause).  There is no faster way to make me turn on you than for you to demand I do something.  The Everythingtarian family can vouch for this one.

Lists however, employ a much sneakier approach in their demands. They coax me with their altruistic motivations and hopeful promises of accomplishment but then insist I do actual work to make that happen. In the words of Stephanie Tanner , how rude! As a result of my neurotic psychosis, I make lists of all sorts (i.e. to-do, goals, movies to see, books to read, recipes to make, countries to travel to, etc.) but rarely complete them.

Despite the screwed up wiring in my brain and innate stubbornness (which is what refuses to let me change my ways), I still believe that lists, especially goal lists, are useful motivation tools.  I mean, that is the thing that gets me to write them in the first place! While feeling trapped like Mariah Carey in a size-0 dress can cause me to shun checking off my lists, it’s the personal sense of freedom knowing I can accomplish whatever I want that keeps me writing them.

And I am getting better. In fact, per my 2010 goals ,  I should have credit card #1 paid off next month (C.C. #2 is only about five months behind that).  In 52 days, I’m hoping to run a sub-1:50 1/2 marathon. Banff, Canada shall be my travel destination of choice come June.  My savings are better than they have been in a LONG time.  I’m taking Spanish class and cooking up lots of new recipes .  My last goal – to write a story and get it published – is one I’ve discussed on the blog.

That’s progress, if I do say so myself.

Even with my natural hesitation to make a list knowing I may not complete it, I did create a small list of goals for the month of April (albeit about eight days late). They’re simply some ideas a freedom-loving gal like myself can choose to accomplish, if she so wishes…

  • Eat less sugar. I calculated how much sugar I ate on Tuesday; it was scary (ahem, more than 50 grams before dinner, ahem). Not all of it was “bad” sugar, but twas’ a lot of it nonetheless.
  • Devote at least one hour a week to non-blog-related writing. In the words of Liz Gilbert , I am going to commit to showing up at least one hour a week and see how it goes…
  • Cut the coke. No, not the Lindsay Lohan kind .  The Diet Coke kind. Lately, the 2-3 times per week I have D.C., it has been making me feel really icky. I’m going to *try* and cut it out completely to see how my body feels.

That’s it. They are nothing life-changing, earth-shattering or even anything to get upset about not completing. Just some thangs to keep in mind.

So, until we meet again, here are some of the day’s eats…

Yog Mess (plain Greek yog + 1 cup thawed frozen mixed berries + 1/4 cup Raspberry Galaxy Granola )

Steamed Sweet Potato + Peanut Butter (an odd, yet totally delicious combo)

Junk Salad (4 cups mixed greens, 1 T nutritional yeast, Sunshine Falafel patty, pinch crushed red pepper flakes, dollop of hummus, drizzle of Hidden Valley Light Ranch dressing)

Gena’s Banana Soft Serve (yes, I am only about a year behind on this trend)

And if you didn’t know, the only ingredients in that bowl are 2 frozen bananas, cinnamon + 1 square of dark chocolate. I kid you not.

With that, I am off to attack tonight’s to-do list.  Maybe I’ll check both my to-do and goal lists off some day, and maybe I won’t.  At least I know that if it doesn’t happen, I was a rebel…with a cause.

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