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Reader Question- Smoothie Answers!

Posted Feb 28 2011 10:54pm
Hello all, 

Since my last post, I've gotten lots of questions about good smoothie recipes. I'm pleasantly surprised by the shocking insanity over smoothies on this blog. I love your enthusiasm! What's the big deal about smoothies? Well, for starters, they are cold, creamy and usually satisfy you that a bowl of oatmeal or plate of eggs just won't do. In a pinch, these breakfasts work fine, but for me, personally, I prefer a filling, dense and nutrition smoothie.

A recent reader asked me what a good go-to smoothie would be for the AM for meal replacements. While I don't recommend meal replacements, I do think that smoothies can be a great ADDITION to your morning routine. Missing meals isn't good for your body or your brain, but if you really want to, you can make smoothies as calorie-filled as a bowl of eggs or oatmeal, and even get in more nutrients and vitamins than you would through a regular meal.

For starters, let me introduce you to the Nutri-Shake. This is my favorite recipe for smoothies! It's delicious, satisfying and completely nutritious.

You can always modify the ingredients if need be.

Another great option is to simply take 1 or 2 fruits, ( berries if you're watching your sugar), some protein, whether that be from powder, peanut butter, nuts, or anything you have on hand, some liquid such as milk, coconut milk, almond milk or water, and some flavor enhancers.  OR you can add your uncooked oatmeal,some milk, protein, and fruit. Then you've got a creamy smoothy! You can do smoothies any way you want. Break out any blender you have and try a new recipe everyday to find which one works best.

My picks for flavor are lots of savory spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, along with dark cocoa powder. YUM. I also add fresh mint if I have any, and ginger, which add a nice flavor as well. 

Smoothies don't have to be expensive either.

Check out any of the recipes on the Smoothies page if you're wanting to try smoothies for the first time, as well as the best Smoothie Tips to go along with it!

The point is to fill your tummy, keep your brain in tip-top shape, and to satisfy your cravings which can be rampant in the mornings!

Whatever you decide, eat well. Be sure if you tend to get hungry late mid morning as I do, that you have a go-to healthy breakfast to hold you through lunch. My favorite?   Muffins made healthy , and delicious. I throw 2 tbsp. of peanut butter on top and a mug of coffee in, and I'm all set:)

More questions? Recipe needs? Recipe tips? Send them in!:)

.:~Heart and Soul~:.
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