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Read So Good

Posted Nov 13 2012 7:00am

Read So Good

13 Nov posted by
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“Instagram is Twitter for people who can’t read” is, embarrassingly, a primetime comedy quote that, taken out of context, totally applies to my life right now.  Lately, I haven’t had much time for blog reading, Twitter reading, email reading, Pinterest posting.  Fortunately/unfortunately, what  I do have time for is an occasional scroll through my Instagram feed.

If I see something delish on Instagram, I’m 100 times more likely to make it.  Like this slow cooker cranberry sauce recipe from Liz of The Lemon Bowl .  I saw it, liked it, obsessed about it, found it on her site , made it, and then Instagrammed it .  It was food blogging social media at its finest.

I took heed to her warning that this recipe catered to a lemon-loving, tart-tolerant girl, so I used brown sugar in place of white sugar.  And then took it a step further by doubling the brown sugar, using a total of 4 tablespoons.

Not only do I think this sauce should be a staple at my family’s holiday table from this point forward, but I also think this sauce should be used to garnish meals all fall long.  It could be used in place of jelly, on top of salads, in sandwiches, on desserts.  The possibilities for this mellow, tart, sweet goodness are infinite.

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