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Read It: Waiter Size and Your Meal (Eat What You Want!)

Posted Apr 26 2010 4:30pm

A new study claims that if you’re at a restaurant, and you’re served by an overweight waiter, you’ll be more likely to over-indulge:

The conclusions come from a team at the universities of British Columbia and Arizona and the school of business at Duke University, North Carolina. They investigated how customers’ food choices were influenced by the size of the people supplying them. The team used student volunteers and a waitress wearing a body suit to substantiate its findings.

They discovered that students who were on diets ordered more food from the waitress when she was wearing the suit, which ballooned her to a size 16, than when she was dressed normally.

In a way, this makes sense. If you’re surrounded by people who are bigger than you, you’ll be more relaxed about eating more because maybe you think those other people won’t judge you as much. Or maybe you think you’ll never have to worry about being as big as them.

To me, this is a sad testimony to the fact that people don’t eat what they want. Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to a restaurant and order whatever we actually wanted ALL the time without regard to our dining companions’ (or server’s) size or potential judgments? 

“But wait,” you might think, “If I ate what I wanted all the time, I’d just eat brownies and pizza and weigh 400 pounds!”

First of all, I doubt most of us would be able to eat brownies and pizza (or any junk food) day after day without feeling the effects or getting sick of it. And second of all, are you really able to eat so intuitively that you always tap into what you actually want? Probably not.

The only way to know what you actually want is to truly let yourself have whatever you want. So next time you’re out to eat, look at the menu and decide what you REALLY want. Try not to judge yourself if you want to order a burger instead of a salad (or vice versa!).

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