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Reach Your Ideal Client With LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

Posted Sep 25 2012 7:00am

When someone mentions LinkedIn, you’ll probably hear the response, “Yes, I have my resume posted there; great networking site for job seekers.”  Saying that LinkedIn is a great place for personal networking is only stating half the truth. The site’s new features are enabling businesses to make great networking connections with other businesses and, more importantly, with potential customers.

Using LinkedIn for business social media marketing is fast becoming an effective way to create sales and get brands noticed, no matter how big or small the firm.

The LinkedIn Company Page

Similar to your Facebook Business Page, the LinkedIn Company Page is a great tool for connecting with customers. Used properly, the Products and Services section on this page can become an online brochure for all that you can provide.

A “Special Offers” link is one example. Create this link in the Products and Services section then talk about the great things customers can get if they click through. Or use the link to offer a discount code good for a purchase from your website.

However, this page won’t do you much good if no one knows about it. Drive traffic to your LinkedIn Company Page by promoting it on social media sites, emails and other appropriate settings.

Other Ways To Connect Using LinkedIn

If you’re really committed to marketing your company to potential customers, LinkedIn offers many other options.

  • Ads – You can create an ad that targets anything from location, job title, industry, company size, gender, and age of your target audience. You can insert links to your website or another social media location. The ad will then appear on the home or profile page of another member.
  • Polls – This option lets you ask a question with up to five answer choices. It can be promoted on LinkedIn and other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once the poll is set up a link is created along with a code to embed in your website or blog.
  • Answers Section – Market your brand in two ways here. Ask questions to get information and answer questions that involve your services. If your answers include an offer to provide more information, you might just get hired.
  • Join Groups – Search for and join groups related to your industry. You can’t outright market yourself, but you can start a discussion to introduce yourself and your company. Ask the group owner about occasionally offering discounts for your company.
  • Focus Groups – Simultaneously promote your company and gather great marketing data with this feature. Post a link for a survey on your website and invite participation through the LinkedIn Status Bar. You’ll have the option to connect with and learn the preferences of the 165 million-plus LinkedIn members as they complete your survey.

Monitor Your Efforts And Results

Once you’ve implemented the strategies above, remember that they don’t run on auto-pilot. Trends change fast in any market and it’s important to monitor efforts and adjust them as necessary.

Update your company status on a regular basis and check comments/feedback to see what’s working and what needs updating. Keep your Company Page fresh by adding new videos, images and apps or by running special promotions every so often. Remember that is page can also be found by the various social media search engines.

LinkedIn offers a really unique way to market your business. Using it may require a little more time and effort, but the results you’ll get in the form of industry and customer connections are well worth it.

Hopefully you found at least one thing you can use in this post. That’s always my goal. So, check my blog often. Alternately, get on my mailing list and you’ll get my blog/newsletters delivered right to your e-mail in-box.

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