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Reach the Beach Relay: 11:30 AM–Finish

Posted May 24 2012 12:31pm

If you missed my previous Reach the Beach posts, here they are:

Ok, so where did we leave off? Oh, right, Sarah was being chased by a banana.

IMG_4953 (750x563)

Once Sarah finished her leg, Van 1 was completely finished with their part of the relay and Van 2 started their third and final legs.

IMG_4954 (750x563)

My final leg of the relay was killer. It was only 5.85 miles, but check out the elevation:

Holy hill at the end! It was brutal. The super warm, sunny weather didn’t help either, but I survived, and I was greeted by the most enthusiastic cheering section at the end of my leg.

IMG_4963 (750x563)

Apparently, there were some shenanigans going on while I was running!

IMG_4961 (750x563)

Almost there!

IMG_4964 (750x563)

Last push!

Reach the Beach 2012 (123) (563x750)

Done! Hooray!

photo (750x560)

Monica was up next for her final leg.

IMG_1658 (750x563)

And then Theodora.

IMG_1669 (750x563)

Theodora looked great during her leg.

IMG_4967 (750x563)

It finished on an incline, but she dominated it.

IMG_4969 (750x563)

Elizabeth was next!

IMG_4970 (750x563)

And then Anne!

IMG_0601 (563x750)

Anne’s route was really pretty!

IMG_4975 (750x563)

Once Anne finished, it was down to our final runner: Ashley!

IMG_4976 (750x563)

She cruised through her leg!

IMG_0609 (750x563)

FYI: There are no water stations on the course, so we carried water with us on our runs or our teammates brought us some if we needed it. We also went through a ton of water (24 bottles in just one leg), so be sure to pack tons if you decide to do a relay.

Ashley’s final leg was 7.12 miles, so we snapped a bunch of pics while we waited for her to finish. I mean, isn’t that what bloggers do?


Photo credit: Jack at /

IMG_4973 (750x563)

IMG_0603 (750x562)

With Ashley only a couple of miles from the finish, we drove to meet the rest of our team. Reunited at last!

IMG_4981 (750x563)

IMG_4984 (750x563)

We reached the beach!

IMG_4985 (750x563)

IMG_4986 (750x563)

Just before Ashley was about to arrive, we gathered together and made an arch with our arms for her to run through and then we all ran with her to the finish line. It was so fun!

IMG_4988 (750x563)

Hooray!!! We did it!


I’m so proud of our team!

IMG_1675 (750x563)

After our team pic, Van 2 made a beeline for food (and beer). We were starving!

IMG_4994 (750x563)

Boloco for dinner? Yes, please!

IMG_4996 (750x563)

IMG_4997 (563x750)

I don’t think I was ever so excited to see a burrito bowl!

IMG_4998 (750x563)

And beer!

IMG_5002 (750x563)

IMG_5003 (750x563)

Feed me!

IMG_5004 (750x563)

What an amazing 32 hours! (Our official time was 31:47:24, average pace of 9:30.) It was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life, which might sound dramatic/cheesy, but I honestly mean it. (What? Running 16+ miles, not showering, and sleeping in a van doesn’t sound fun to you?) I’ve always wanted to do an event like this with a group of blog friends, and it was everything I expected and more. New Balance and Reach the Beach went above an beyond in all aspects to make it a truly unforgettable experience.

IMG_2148 (750x563)

A HUGE thank you to New Balance (especially Kristen, Monica, and Nicole), Martin at Reach the Beach, and Team Off Balance! I can’t wait to do another Reach the Beach!

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