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Rawloulou's Juice Feast Tips

Posted Mar 25 2011 8:59am

Recently, I was asked for some tips about 'Juice Feasting' so I thought I would write a post about it.

It can be quite daunting the first time one undertakes a juice feast (or fast as it is also known - although I prefer 'Feast' as, think of all the goodness you will be providing your body....seems more like a feast to me rather than a fast.) It is necessary to go into this with eyes open and a sense of organisation.

It is best to prepare yourself and your body at least 1 day before the chosen time. (I recommend you pick a few days where you KNOW you can have a bit of 'YOU' time, the weekend works well, a time when you are not rushing around, stressed or under pressure to be in 5 different places at once.... besides, you need to be near your juicer anyhoo.) What I mean by preparing your body prior to the juice feast is simply that.

  • If you are a meat eater, at least 1 day before don't eat any meat on that day....
  • slow down on the coffee intake...
  • eat light meals.... salads and soups and fruit....
  • don't eat late the night before the juice feast....
  • no alcohol....
  • drink lots of filtered water or herbal teas....
  • have an early night or at least a relaxing evening.Take a long bath with candles....Chilax!

  • know what juices you will want to have during your feast....
  • buy all your fruit and veg needed the day before.... and it goes without saying, try for ALL organic
  • warn family or friends that you will be off the radar so to speak for the weekend to enable as much 'YOU' time as possible....but do explain why so as not to offend lol.
  • know what you are going to want to do during the next few days as a means of 'YOU' time, chose your books you want to read, stock up on herbal teas, organise yoga sessions, make sure you have your favourite music for meditating with or listen to as you relax etc etc....up to you!!

  • upon waking up, the first thing you consume should be a pint of filtered water with freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it. You may think that lemon is acid....which, yes, it is, but once it enters your system it in fact is a wonderful alkalizer for your body. All citrus fruits can aid in balancing your ph levels due to this alkalizing factor. The water simply hydrates your body from it's hard work of rejuvenation and reparation it has undergone during the night whilst you were sleeping. The body truly is a marvel in itself!!!
  • Melon is a good fruit to have as your first juice (although, technically this isn't a juice, I blend my galia melon up with ice..... Melon should ALWAYS be consumed on it's own...with NO other fruit or veg due to it's high digestion rate. Galia Melon is the fruit highest in B complex as an additional bonus to it's creamy flavour once blended. (Great to have after an evening of alcohol intake as alcohol depletes the body of B vitamins heftily)

  • this is best to do first thing.....even before your first juice. Simply section out the fruit and veg into separate bags concerning their juice for the day.... there are no rules on how many juices you have during the day...this depends greatly on each individual, BUT it IS important that you DON'T go hungry!!! Have as many juices as you see fit for your body's needs.
  • keep the bags in the fridge in order of which juice comes next
  • always start your juice feast with the fruit only juices first..... then move onto the veg juices as the day goes on. Even though the fruit is liquidized, it still needs to be consumed on a relatively empty stomach or fermentation occurs creating bloating and gas.


Whenever I have been asked to do a juice feast for someone or guide on a juice feast, I have ALWAYS made sure I participate in  it with them. The main reason for this is so I know exactly when they are likely to be ready for their next juice....when hunger strikes again. The moment you feel slightly peckish......
  • have your next juice there and then!! DON'T wait until you are famished as this will be the time you will be tempted to eat something solid in front of you or left over in the fridge for example. NOT a good thing to do on a juice feast.
  • The idea of the juice feast, is, apart from providing an enormous amount of raw nutrition and vitamins and minerals to your system, but ALSO to give your digestive system a 'rest'. By allowing this to happen, all the energies that are usually taken up 'digesting' heavy cooked foods, are now being utilized elsewhere in the body in the sense of rejuvenation and elimination of toxins in the system. Hence why it is the utmost importance, if you start a juice feast....try your best to continue so as to maximize the benefits for your body.
  • don't forget, you can drink as much filtered water and herbal teas as you desire during the day. (try and stay away from Green Tea due to it's caffeine content. Stay hydrated.... yes, you may be hydrating your body with all the natural fruit and veg water content... BUT you still need to provide your body with water as the day goes on as per usual.

  • OBVIOUSLY drink them ;0) that goes without saying...... but when you do....make sure you sit down somewhere comfortable and take your time, (not too much time though, ALL juices should be consumed within 10 minutes of juicing due to the oxidation that occurs and therefore vital vitamins and minerals are lost in this process!!)
  • savour the flavours and appreciate the goodness you are providing your body. Think of the differening tastes and applaud yourself for this venture....
  • CHEW YOUR JUICES!!! I know, I are now probably thinking that I have Finally lost it...... well that maybe the case lol, but by chewing your drink, you release vital digestive enzymes in your saliva that aid in this process. You know as a child you were always told to 'CHEW' your food....maybe you never realised why.....well....this is the reason why. The food (and drink) is easily assimilated this way. SO, take your time and CHEW!!
  • DON'T gulp down your juice!!! ENJOY it!!

  • this may sound obvious too... but believe me, it makes the whole process of the day less stressful. By doing so, the moment you have finished your juice and you clean your juicer..... it is ready and waiting for the next juice!!
  • also, when you juice your fruit and veg, always put the 'pulp' through the juicer at least another time or twice to make sure you get ALL the goodness for each juice available.

  • make sure this is the largest of the juices. This is the last juice of the day (and shouldn't be consumed no later than 7pm) so it needs to be fulfilling and ample in size to see you through the evening and night.
  • the reason for the time deadline, is that by doing so, again, your body can utilize all it's energies in other areas other than digestion.
  • I make sure my last juice of the day is my LOULOU'S GREEN JUICE  . It works a treat
  • during the evening after your last juice, make sure you hydrate still. Drink herbal teas and or filtered water.
  • make sure you have an early night or at least a relaxing evening....pamper yourself with a face mask or a pedi/manicure, read, relax, do some calming yoga or meditate..... up to you.

  • depending on how long your juice feast is..... you may go through what is known as an 'emotional detox'. Now don't go worrying. It differs from each individual and not everyone goes through it.... but the symptons may be from feeling elated one moment and having slumps of lack of motivation another. You could find yourself feeling really tired or really energetic. You may be inspired to write or read or simply staying as yourself and reflecting upon things...wonderings etc.
  • WHATEVER emotional detox you experience - if at all - simply LET IT BE...... Recognise these emotions, record them in your mind and then let them go. Don't hold on to them.....go with the flow.

You MAY or MAY NOT experience certain detox symptons during your feast...again, depending on how long you juice for tbh.....but these symptons can vary.... One which I have heard my clients talk about in past feasts are mild head aches or fuzzy heads. If you have a head ache....this is generally the toxins in your body that have been released and are floating about awaiting elimination....they should pass. Just make sure you hydrate throughout!!

If you have any concerns on the above information, before going ahead with an unsupervised/guided juice feast, it is valuable to seek and go ahead and consult with an alternative health care professional for advice and the 'go ahead' on your own personal level. This post is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat illness.

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