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Raw Wednesday + Nutty Giveaway!

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:31pm

Happy Humpday!

Almost Friday, folks….almost…..

How’s your day goin’ so far? Mine is going just swimmingly (can you tell I swam laps today?!) other than the fact that I made myself gag again by attempting to drink dirt —-


I know, I know……but this Green Vibrance stuff is SO good for you that I had to try one more time. Nope. Never again will I drink it plain with water. Jenna learned her lesson today as she gagged over the sink at 3:30 AM. This stuff is superb in smoothies (and probably would be also very wonderful in freshly squeezed juice), but plain….not so much. Take it from me. At work we actually turned it into a contest to see who could drink a glass of Green Vibrance plain (oh the joy of working at a grocery store with everything at your fingertips), and my boss did it but gagged a little at the end and then chugged his juice like there was no tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun.

Anyways! I did get *most* of the dirt down this morning and then sunk my teeth into the most delicious bar EVER to reward myself:


It actually tastes like the chocolate chips in this bar are melted and they sort of explode in your mouth with raw chocolate-y goodness. Freakin’ delish.

I also polished off another container of blackberries on route to work:


Breakfast = the best breakfast cookie YET!


I seriously made this breakfast cookie the way I make every breakfast cookie. I used 3/4 cup oats, 3 tbsp almond milk, 1 big scoop Naturally More, 1/2 banana and 1/2 scoop protein. The ONLY thing I did differently today was that I used Sun Warrior!! It really hardened up nicely and was crumbly and dense. Amazing! I’m totally blaming my new protein powder for this wondrous affair.

After work I went straight to the pool to swim. On the way, I had two delicious stuffed dates. One with peanut butter and one with almond butter!


They were soooooooo good. I was thinking about them all day at work (I know, I’m crazy) and they totally lived up the expectation. Stuffed dates are especially yummy when you stuff them ahead of time and keep ‘em in the fridge because they get all chewy and cold!

And here’s what I did at the pool today! I had a GREAT swim!

  • 200 meters freestyle
  • 200 meters kickboard
  • rest 1 minute
  • 200 meters freestyle
  • 200 meters kickboard
  • rest 1 minute
  • 200 meters freestyle
  • 200 meters kickboard

= 30 minute pool workout!

DANG those kickboard drills really work your quads!!! My legs felt like jelly at the end.



Hello hot one piece tan line. Smokin’, I know.

When I got home from the pool I threw together a snack plate of one raw taco, mini carrots, strawberries and grapes


And relaxed for about an hour and a half…..catching up on emails and reading your blogs! :)Around 3:00 I did Level 2 of The 30 Day Shred and used the foam roller for awhile. Ahhhhh foam roller….

And then made dinner! Now I started off with a CHIA experiment that I saw Heather make on her blog the other day. Basically, I just blended 1 scoop Sun Warrior with 1 cup water and 3 tbsp chia seeds and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to “gel up”. Then, I blended the pudding-like mixture in the Vita Mix with 1 frozen banana. Then, I topped the whole thing with a big scoop of Smart Balance Peanut Butter.



The first couple bites of this were…..good. Okay, when I say “good”, I don’t mean good like peanut butter on a hot bagel is or a slice of pizza is……….I am saying a very hesitant good here. I know Heather LOVED this bowl, and to be fair, she used whey protein in her bowl which is sweeter than brown rice protein. Also, I used a not-so-ripe banana. Nevertheless, I forged onward and ate about 1/4-1/3 of the bowl. Then I stopped because I had a food revelation

I wasn’t really enjoying this so WHY WAS I EATING IT?! That is the question, ladies and gents. I love food more than life itself and don’t want to settle for a dinner that might be extremely healthy for me, but not that good tasting. So, I put down the spoon and made what I was really craving!


A baked garnet yam topped with 1/2 serving of Eat, Live, Run Granola!

And, a kale salad with baby carrots drizzled in Annie’s Goddess dressing—


I actually didn’t finish the salad because the tater was so filling with that granola! For some reason, I was craving a sweet potato like there was no tomorrow and feel so good that I honored my body and gave it what it wanted. I still want to try more chia pudding, especially this recipe, but I’ve never been a fan of just protein powder and water anyway. Sigh.

Dessert was phenom.


Two of Abbie’s raw apple pie cookies! She brought me these last week but I have been so busy gobbling down the donut holes, I hadn’t yet tried them! Glad I did though because they rocked! Sweet and chewy with a hint of spice.

**I’m rather proud of myself because I ate *mostly* raw today!! And, you know what? I feel like a million bucks. I really do. Regardless of the fact that I have been up since 3 AM, have worked 9 hours on my feet, have swam 1200 meters and have done Jillian’s Shred, I have SO much energy!!!! Honestly, I have not felt this good for a long time. I wish I could eat like this every day but my lifestyle just won’t allow that all the time. So maybe a (mostly) Raw Wednesday is in order? Anyone care to join?

And now it is time for a GIVEAWAY!!!!

The folks over at MixMyGranola have so generously offered to give one $25 gift certificate to a lucky Eat, Live, Run reader!

With this, you could seriously make your ULTIMATE granola (I am super jealous)! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post describing your dream granola ….it could have chocolate chips in it, could have brazil nuts, could have dried apples….whatev. Just describe it to me and tomorrow afternoon I will pick a random winner and they will be emailed the gift certificate to use tomorrow night if they want! Oh, the possibilities. ;)

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