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Raw Swiss Chard Wraps

Posted Sep 10 2012 12:03am

When it comes to camping and road trips, my boyfriend and I are anything but conventional about our food choices.  We both figure that just because we are camping or even driving in the car, doesn’t mean we have to lower the calibre of our meals.  So on our recent road trip through Nova Scotia,  we happily sampled all the local, organic fare we could get our hands on.  We shopped along the way at local specialty shops and farmer’s markets and created some really fun and inventive dishes from all of the fresh ingredients we found.

My favourite of these impromptu gastronomic creations was during our night camping on the Bay of Fundy.  Earlier in the day we had picked up fresh peaches and cream corn that we later roasted over our campfire and ate it along with these awesome wraps made from fresh organic Swiss Chard.  Great local food and seeing the highest tides in the world under a gigantic full moon made this one of my favourite nights of the trip.

What you’ll need – (Remember to substitute the filling ingredients for what is local and in-season in your area!)

Organic Swiss Chard (you can remove excess stem portion)
Local organic goat cheese (optional)
Heirloom cherry tomatoes (halved)
Organic red onion (sliced thinly or diced)
Local Organic cucumbers (diced)
Organic sweet red peppers (diced or julienned)
Hummus or other veggie spread or pate
Any fresh herbs that you like
Salt, Pepper and hot chilis to taste

Tools -
Any eating utensil that can be used for mixing and spreading

How to do it -

Step 1 – Lay out a single leaf of swiss chard flat and remove the execs stem portion extending beyond the leaf.

Step 2 – Spread Hummus or other veggie spread onto the leaf gently.

Step 3 – Combine the veggies and goat cheese together in a small bowl (optional). Add a small handful of the ingredients to the centre of the swiss chard leaf.

Step 4 – Like you’re rolling a burrito, fold in one or both ends of the leaf (gently!) and then carefully roll the leaf over the ingredients tucking them in as you go.  Enjoy immediately and then repeat….

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