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Raw love

Posted Jun 12 2011 2:24pm

Hello everyone, how’s it going? Have you had a good weekend? Mine has been pretty quiet, I’ve enjoyed relaxing, seeing my family, getting a bit of study done and pottering about in the kitchen. As its been such a rainy weekend that has felt like the perfect way to spend it :-)

First thing on Saturday I was out for my long run. This week I did 10 miles doing 1 and a bit loops of my usual 10k route. I was thoroughly happy to do the 10 miles in 1hr 28 with an average pace of 8.52. This is the fastest I’ve ever ran 10 miles! I also glanced down at my Garmin at the 10k point and I was at 55.33 which is pretty awesome too, so all in all a great run!

While I was running I thought up the most delicious green smoothie combo for breakfast: Raspberry Vanilla White Chocolate:

P1060781  P1060783

This  contained romaine lettuce, a large spring green leaf, frozen banana, frozen raspberries, vanilla sun warrior, maca, mesquite, vanilla rice milk, ice, xanthan and guar gum then topped with some Alara goji muesli, a few raspberries, PB&Co White Choc Wonderful made into a sauce and one chopped square of Plamils dairy free organic white chocolate. This was the bomb!

After my organic veg box delivery yesterday I decided to look through my Evernote account for some recipe inspiration. I came across Gena’s raw marinara sauce and as I had a lot of tomatoes to use which I don’t really like that much on their own, I thought I’d give it a try!


I blended 1 red pepper, 3 tomatoes, fresh basil, salt, garlic, onion granules and dried italian seasoning in my food processor then topped a large bowl of spiralised courgette with the sauce. I added some crumbled One Lucky Duck raw rosemary crackers (the last of them from my trip to NYC, sadly) for texture and and a bit of nutritional yeast. I was actually amazed at how good this was. Big bowls of pasta are one of my ultimate comfort foods and I wasn’t expecting this to have that same comforting effect as that, but this was so good!

I also went with more raw inspiration from Gena and made up a batch of my version of her Green Goddess Dressing . I used this on a big salad with some basil tofu:


My favourite salad dressing ever, seriously I could eat this from a bowl with a spoon!

More raw deliciousness has also been had with my usual weekend green juice, I loved the beautiful colour of this:


My favourite combo of cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger. Luckily, cucumber and celery were both on special offer this weekend so I’ve drank about 2 litres of this stuff, so refreshing!

To use up some leftover tomato sauce and my aubergine, I made a really wonderful tasty curry. Taking inspiration from P’s Healthy Curry I split and roasted the aubergine and mixed the tender roasted flesh with the tomato sauce after frying some ginger, wet garlic, garam masala, cumin and ground coriander in coconut oil. To add some protein I pressed some tofu and marinated in soy sauce and mirin, fried and added to the curry. I also added a small can of coconut milk and a handful of spinach. I served with a millet pilaf (onion, asparagus, millet cooked in veg stock) and a big pile of steamed greens:


This was seriously good! All of the ingredients worked so well together. This made two portions so I’ve popped the other one in the freezer for a quick and easy meal!

Dessert was apple and soy yoghurt in a jar. This time I had a nice big tahini jar to use up:


I wasn’t sure how this would taste with the tahini but it was lovely.

Tonight’s dinner was a Buddha bowl a mash up mix of things I fancied from the fridge:


Chickpeas, asparagus and courgette in vegan pesto with leftover millet and steamed greens. Really tasty for something so random!

Plus a raw cacao coconut frappe :-)


Last but not least, breakie today: soy yoghurt, fru grains, blueberries, walnuts and a drizzle of coconut nectar:


I really loved the fru grains, they are such an unusual cereal (made from fruit and grains) they look like twigs or tree bark but have a nice mild malty taste and crunchy texture.

Have you ever tried a raw foods recipe? I really love incorporating more raw foods in my diet as I feel like they give me a lot more energy. Green juice especially makes me feel wonderful! Increasing the raw food in your diet provides more fibre, digestive enzymes, vitamins (water soluble vitamins like C are lost in cooking water), minerals and antioxidants that are often destroyed when food is cooked.

As well as Gena’s Choosing Raw I also really enjoy Kirsten’s Raw , Pure2raw , Pure Mamas and Bonzai Aphrodite for some raw food inspiration. I’m even considering saving up for a dehydrator! I’ve tried my hand at a few raw dessert recipes, raw wraps and of course green smoothies are mostly raw too, but after that raw marinara I can see myself trying out a lot more! What are your thoughts on raw foods?

In case you missed it I’m having a GIVEAWAY! Check it out :-)

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

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