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Raw Food Resources Lansing MI

Posted Feb 12 2010 10:04pm

July 1st, 2009

Question: Hi Mike, I’ve been considering the raw foods diet, but wondering how to get started on such a lifestyle change. I live in Lansing, Michigan. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer by Mike Snyder

Thank you for writing! A great way to start on raw foods is to make this raw marinated kale avocado salad

This salad was also mentioned recently on one of my favorite raw recipe blogs, Raw Goddess Heathy
Check out her cupcake recipes!

The key to making the kale salad is to first massage in the Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt, and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then add a little lemon juice, then mix in the remaining ingredients.

Eating raw is much easier with a high speed blender. A regular blender won’t make the staple recipes like almond milk, smooth cashew cream, and creamy soups. When I make a blended soup with a WalMart blender, there are big chunks of food that won’t blend. The cheap blenders cannot even blend soft veggies like red bell pepper and kale. The VitaMix and BlendTec blenders are the best, the Lequip blender is also great.

I was recommending raw food equipment to people for years, then finally decided to create a raw foods store, The Raw Diet Health Shop.

The best way to start is to pick a recipe or two, and practice it until it becomes easy and you can make it in just a couple minutes. For example, the nori rolls are awesome. When I first started it took me a half hour to prepare, and with a little practice it only takes a few minutes.

There are a few resources in the Lansing area. Bob McCauley eats 100% raw vegan and has a raw foods lifestyle store in West Lansing

I meet up with him when I am back in Lansing. Here is an interview I conducted with him Audio Interview about raw foods, health, and ionized water with Bob McCauley.

I also visited the raw foods retreat center, Creative Health Institute for a day. It is a cool place to visit when they have special events. I saw author Victoria Boutenko speak there.

When I was there, I met Hiawatha Cromer. She is amazing! She is a kind and wise woman who has been eating raw vegan for many years. She is a senior citizen in excellent health, and occasionally teaches classes in Lansing and at Creative Health. There is not much info about her on-line, one site she works with is Hiawatha Cromer and the Assembly of Yahweh

“Ms. Hiawatha Cromer, long time Program Director and head of the kitchen at Creative Health Institute in Hodunk, MI, has teamed with her church, the Assembly of Yahweh, in the farming community of Eaton Rapids, to open a new Raw Foods Teaching and Residence Health Center.”

You should meet both Bob McCauley and Hiawatha, they are great people! When I first met Bob, he was busy running his store and dealing with customers, but he still made a point to talk with me for about 45 minutes in the middle of the day!

Chicago has a few really good raw restaurants. I recently watched this neat video about a Chicago raw foods restaurant Borrowed Earth

Another popular raw restaurant in Chicago is called Karyns Raw Cafe.

Something else that helps are raw superfood supplements, like E3 Live, Vita-Mineral Green, and hemp protein powder.

To get started, I recommend a couple recipe books, plus a couple books on raw foods nutrition. My favorite nutrition authors are Brian Clement and Gabriel Cousens. They have some good articles on their websites

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks and have a great day!

Mike Snyder

For more information on raw foods nutrition, check out my free eBook “Getting Started with the Raw Foods Diet” at

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