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Raw Food Diet - Does it Help You Thrive, Or Is It Nutritionally Inadequate?

Posted Aug 22 2010 6:33pm

The awesome people at Loving It Raw ( sent me their raw food recipe e-book which I will review soon! I’ve been trying their recipes all week. In the mean time, you can check out their website. Alison Andrews is not only a raw vegan, she’s a talented singer/song-writer (which made me think of Huixin!!). Check out her story here: .

I came across their website on the Dubai news site where Gulf News reporter Kevin Scott did a raw food experiment and wrote about it:

My colleague, a certain Jaye Lentin, is something of an office phenomenon.

He sits just behind me and every day I hear him extol the virtues of a raw food lifestyle to another curious inquisitor.

We all have our own definitions of ‘normal’ but Jaye’s diet is certainly unique enough to interest those in the vicinity around him. Probably because he eats whole watermelons at his desk and the sound of coconuts being chopped is audible from the video booth.”

I burst out laughing when I read that cos that sounds SO LIKE ME. The reporter tried the raw food diet advocated by his colleague Jaye for a week, after which he declared it was good but he can’t sustain it for the long term. (Well duh, if you eat only ONE banana for breakfast, how can you sustain it? He should be eating enough calories for his weight – such as seven or eight bananas a morning. And no, I’m not crazy. There are people who eat THIRTY bananas a day.)

And then of course to make the news more balanced, they had an “established dietician” say that the raw food diet is very restrictive and “Jaye will lose muscle mass if he continues on his unusual diet of raw fruit and vegetables and his immune system will be weakened in the long run.” What an ignoramus…. Every time I read such comments from “registered dieticians” or “nutritionists”, I roll my eyes so vigorously they nearly drop out.

‘When asked about Jaye’s diet Dr Bin Braik said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. You have to have a balanced diet, just need to eat sensibly, it’s common sense.”

However, upon reviewing Jaye’s blood test results Dr Bin Braik’s opinion changed completely, “Your blood chemistry is excellent, I can’t remember when I saw results like these in an ordinary patient. I wish that ten per cent of my patients had this kind of results; I’d be out of business.”

Jaye also passed the stress ECG with flying colours.

“If I were to put my money on it, I’d say that you would never get cardiovascular disease, meaning that you are not going to get any blockages in your heart, or in your brain or kidney or eyes. So whatever you are doing, carry on,” he said.


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