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Raw Food Cleanse Restore Health and Lose Weight by Eating Delicious All Natural Foods Instead of Starving Yourself

Posted Oct 09 2010 6:26pm

Raw Food Cleanse Restore Health and Lose Weight by Eating Delicious All Natural Foods Instead of Starving Yourself


Follow the delicious and hunger-satisfying raw-food diets offered in this book and you will lose weight, gain energy and feel vibrantly healthy while clearing your body of toxins. Raw Food Cleanse offers four customized plans that provide you with everything needed for an easy and powerful detox, including:

3-Day Energy Boost Cleanse

Give your body an all-natural weekend to start your Monday feeling great.

7-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse

Enjoy a week of delicious raw foods to thoroughly refresh your system.

14-Day Deep Detox Cleanse

Go longer to experience better skin and hair, a clearer mind and a slimmer body.

28-Day Total Reset Cleanse

Give the body a full recharge with an intense, nutrient-packed month of raw foods.

5 Stars great!
Good intro to eating mostly raw. Inspiring stories of weight loss and health improvements. Great smoothie recipes, especially the “Chia Coconut Custard Shake”. Yum!

5 Stars My Raw Food “Bible” I would feel lost without it…
This is THE book that changed my life. I heard of it from a friend who did a cleanse and I bought it just for the cleanse but loved it so much and eating raw so much I kept on going and now 3 months later I still use this book EVERY day. I recommend it to all my friends, even those who don’t want to eat Raw all the time like me, but for the cleanse and for great recipe ideas. I never knew juices could be so good and it takes smoothie making to a whole new level. I also never knew how much you can do with raw ingredients, this book has some amazing dressing and dips. It was also educational for me, I know more about food and nutrition than I ever have and I have this book to thanks for making me change my diet and my life.

5 Stars Realistically and refreshingly raw
Whether you want to go completely raw, highly raw, or occasionally raw, _Raw Rood Cleanse_ is a great resource for doing so. In addition to providing a healthy serving of go-to-and-frequently-come-back-to raw food recipes, this book also offers highly digestible information and guidance for realistically incorporating rawness into your life. Refreshingly real, _Raw Food Cleanse_ won’t clobber you with an eat-completely-raw-or-die dogma, but instead offers the tools for creating a lifestyle plan that meshes with your preferred degree of rawness. Wherever you fall on the raw spectrum, _Raw Food Cleanse_ can help you achieve more of those healthily addictive boosts of raw food pleasure.

Go raw and go strong!

5 Stars Simple and to the point Information
I love this book. It’s simple and to the point. The author actually holds your hand as you fast and transition to raw. I love the receipes, and also the encouraging testimonies.

2 Stars Be prepared to buy lots of produce
This is a great book…if you’re loaded! I would need to buy a whole grocery cart full of produce just to get through 7 days! I understand that juicing and cleansing are great, but holy cow! I don’t have that kind of money to put that much produce into one cup of juice. Eeeeck!

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