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Raw Food and Pharmaceuticals

Posted Aug 26 2010 5:12pm

Time for a little TMI

I don’t think I have any male readers (besides Mallard). 

 But if you are a guy and you don’t want to know anymore than you already know about female hormones… you may want to steer clear ;)

Here we go:

I have had less than 5 periods since I gave birth to Snuffy 2 1/2 years ago.  I wasn’t concerned for the first 7 months because I was breast-feeding.  The only periods I did have were very short and extremely light.  By the time I had finished breast-feeding Snuffy, I was dropping weight rapidly.  I had just started school at Xavier and I was extremely stressed out.  My weight sank to a dangerous level.  I assumed my lack of menstruation was due to my low weight and stress level.  Eventually, I re-worked my schedule and found ways to deal with my stress effectively.  I began to use exercise as a stress reliever.  My weight leveled out and then climb a little higher than necessary.  So, I assumed that my periods would regulate.  That didn’t happen.  I have been at a healthy weight for almost a year now and still nothing. 

 I finally decided to speak with my OBGYN about the issue.  First, he suggested taking out my IUD .  Although my IUD was non-hormonal, my doctor still thought there was a chance that the device was the culprit.  I had the IUD removed and still no period.   The next step was to have some general bloodwork done to check my thyroid.  That came back normal.  Then there was more bloodwork to check for PCOS and irregular hormone levels. 

I recieved the results of that bloodwork recently.  I do not have PCOS.  I do have irregular hormone levels.  My estrogen levels are extremely low.  So, now my hormones need to be regulated. 

I’m not exactly excited to deal with monthly periods again.  But, I do know that regular periods are a sign of a healthy body.  There are long-term detrimental effects of amenorrhea .  Most of thes effects are related to osteoporosis and bone density.   Both my paternal grandmother and my maternal great-grandmother have/had osteoporosis.  So, unfortunately, I need to get my hormone levels up to a regular level.

I’m aware of the need for normal hormone levels, yet taking oral hormones is not something that is easy for me to do.  I don’t even take over-the-counter meds anymore!  So, before embarking on a pharmaceutical rollercoaster, I took things into my own hands and began to look for information on treating my amenorrhea hollistically.  I tried some widely recommended herbal remedies.  They didn’t bring any change at all :(  

At least I tried to go the hollistic route.  Now, I have to accept the fact that I will be relying on modern pharmaceuticals.  I find it odd that I am eating a high-raw diet yet I’m taking prescription medication.  Anyway, I now have a med routine.  I have two medications to take on specific days of my non-existant cycle to move things along.

I have been on the first meds for 4 days now.  I feel emotional and tired.  Ugh.  Self-inflicted PMS :(

I am contuing to eat 99% raw! 

The only things I have ingested that are not raw since I last posted are:

Decaf Americano with Stevia

Annie’s Light Gingery Salad Dresssing


The last of my almond butter

Raw Almond Butter is not cheap.  I do love Maranatha Raw AB  but due to it’s price I have been mixing it with Whole Foods brand AB to save $

So, I decided to try to make my own AB.  I only had about 1/3 cup of almonds. 

 I put them in my food processor and after a few seconds, the blade stopped spinning and that was it for the food processor :(

That food processor has been used less than 10 times! 

I soooooo need a Vita-Mix !

Moving on…

I hauled out the old blender.  The one with no handle (it broke off months ago) and no lid.  It has the top but not the small lid.  I have to keep my hand over the hole in the top while I blend. 

I added some walnuts that I had on hand and began to blend.

I had to stop the ancient blender every 30 seconds so this took quite a while.

I was pretty proud of myself.  I only got about half a jar of WAB (walnut almond butter)

I’ve been experimenting with cooking and baking for years.  For some reason un-cooking makes me feel so much more accomplished lol

Unfortunately, the second time I tried this I had to alternate between my old blender and my immersion blender because both overheated.  There may have been smoke…    The whole thing took over 2 hours!

Mallard made me vow to buy my nut butters from now on ;)

After the fact, I found some information regarding raw almonds in the US. 

Apparently, all of the almonds that enter the US are processed which includes substancial heating :(

 If I had a Vita-Mix I would be making all of my own nut butters and mylks.

What kind of blender or food processor do you use?

I also made some nacho cheeze kale chips

I massaged one bunch of kale with a little less than a tablespoon of EVOO

I mixed about 1/3 cup of nutritional yeast with 1/3 cup of water and poured the mixture over the kale.

I sprinkled some sea salt

Then I dehydrated at 105 degrees for 12 hours.


I stopped by the farm down the road again. 

This time I bought 4 ears of corn, a watermelon and a pint of cherry tomatoes.

I’ve now realized that almost all corn, factory or family farmed, is from GMO’s.  After watching Food Inc ., I don’t know how I feel about supporting that even indirectly

The watermelon was so ripe! I haven’t eaten watermelon in years.  This was just what I had hoped for crisp, sweet and juicy!

Mallard took notice of my change of diet.   On Friday,  I told him that since I feel so great, I plan to stay high-raw. 

I told him I was going grocery shopping on Saturday.  He looked at our full pantry and asked me what we were going to do with all of that food.

Mallard will most likely not be going high-raw… ever.  But, a lot  of the food in our pantry were things that I use in vegan baking and cooking.  Those are things that Snuffy and I eat. 

But, I realized that there were things that had been in the pantry for quite a while. 

Things that weren’t vegan. 

Things that had way more chemicals and preservatives than I want in my child’s body.

Things that I had purchased for a recipe that I had since decided I would never make. 

In no time at all, I had filled a tote.

The After

Organic or Unsweetened Cereals, Foils and Wraps, Oils, Bananas, Mallard’s Roasted Almonds, Snuffy’s Yogurt Raisins

Canned Beans, Canned Fruits, Oils, Sauces

Oats, Couscous, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Teas, Mix-Ins, Flavorings, Nut Butters, container of Clif Bars, All Natural Pro-Bars, Luna Bars, Whole Wheat Mac, Rye Flat Crisps, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze

The bottom is Protein Powders , Amazing Grass, Shakers and room for my dehydrator.

Based on the after you can imagine how bad the before must have been ;)

I’m off to devour an entire cantaloupe!  Yum!

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